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Maker Kit
Cheryl Morrison
Great fast service!!

Can't wait to get started.

Maker Kit
Ann McIntyre
Too Soon

Too soon to provide a review though I was asked to do that after purchasing 25 days ago. I purchased as a b-day present for myself and it's not my b-day yet! Very excited though! 25 days just isn't long enough!

In love

I'm in love with my bracelet. I look at it throughout the day and it reminds me that each moment counts. Love it!


I gave it as a gift to my godchild, as she was going through many trials in her life. I chose the word FIERCE to let her know how proud I am of her.

Maker Kit
New New

Hey I tried this product out with my homeroom class and they loved the discussion and bracelets. A few students came later and stated that they want a bracelet also. My students wear them everyday!!! Goldmine for Self Esteem Activity

Custom Round Bracelet
Kathleen Freeman
Perfect gift

I purchased a bracelet for my sister’s birthday, I haven’t given it to her and thought to keep it myself, however the words place on there is what she reflects on for encouragement so I know she will love it. Looking forward to ordering more.

Maker Kit
Sandra Hearn

I got these for a Christmas present.

Custom Adjustable Necklace
Frances Spinelli
this was a gift

I gave this to a friend for her birthday so I picked her word - music. She plays piano and sings in choral groups. Seemed to fit! I like the necklace. Bold but not outrageous.

Custom Twist Bracelet
Annette Nesius
Fabius bracelets

I ordered 2 different bracelets for my daughters. The bracelets came within a reasonable amount of time. The printing was great! Both girls like them very much! I plan to order again soon!

Custom Keychains
Manisha Redus

MyIntent has become a staple gift for my teams each year…I’m starting year 6 and have not been disappointed with my experience ever. Order is always perfect with timely shipping!!
I’ll be back next year for Team 7!!

Custom Twist Bracelet
Lauren Defreese
Love it!!

Ordered myself and my mom a bracelet. They were shipped fast and so cute!! These make a great gift!!

Wonderful gifts

I gifted my teachers with key rings and a special word of intent that was meaningful for each teacher.
We went around reading the word and why I chose it.
This was one of the best gifts I could have given them. It created a very special moment. Each of them are wearing it on their ID lanyard.

Maker Kit
Randall Kern
Loving The Messages

It's amazing how a bracelet can inspire so many conversations. It took me all 5 practice tokens to get the alignment where I wanted it, but I'm already comfortable making the bracelets and necklaces included with the kit. I became a certified maker quickly and will be using this project in some public settings.


Sure would like to see a restock of these. Been trying for a few months now...

Mother's 100th Heavenly Birthday Celebration

My Mother was placed in her Niche on her 100th Birthday, 8/26/23. I wore my bracelet with honor.

Love Them!

Bought one for my husband and myself. We love them so much. ❤️

Maker Kit
Craft project for annual weekend getaway

I bought the starter kit to bring with me to this year's annual weekend getaway with my core friend group. We spent several hours huddled together working on finding our words. Our process was each person took a random card from the card pack and read it out loud. I invited everyone to either share their thoughts or keep them to themselves as we thought about each question. There were lots of tears, laughter, memories and vulnerabilities shared. Some found their word that night, others slept on it and shared it the next morning. We spent so much time reflecting that we never got to actually making our bracelets, but that gives an excuse to get together again! This was a very meaningful activity that everyone enjoyed.

Love them!

5 of us are getting ready for a pilgrimage to France and we all wanted matching bracelets with the motto for our pilgrimage. I was able to get just what I need. This is my second purchase here and hopefully not last!

Great piece!

I ordered a bracelet for a birthday present for my sister! Turned out better than expected! She loved it!

Easy to use kit

The DIY maker kit is easy to use and includes everything you need. My students love it!

Custom Round Bracelet
Cynthia Marcolina
Great every day braceletts.

I have a white, orange, blue and a purple one!

Refill - Tokens
Theresa Gardner
The Perfect Team Building Experience

I use the tokens to make bracelets for my staff (I am an elementary school principal) when we are setting our intention for the school year. This year, I am at a new school and going to start the tradition here, as well. I have already made almost 100 red and blue bracelets. Our opening meeting is August 21 and I cannot wait for this activity. They will choose their word during our opening meeting, then receive a bracelet from me on the first day of school. It is always such an emotional moment when they get their bracelet! For me, wearing my word has created a lot of conversation when people see my bracelet. I love hearing people talk about what their word would be and whenever I can, I gift them a bracelet with their word.

The perfect gift

I bought this bracelet for my partner who has been working so hard on being vulnerable. He looks at it constantly and says it reminds him to continue with the good work.

Always a Hit!

My elementary school principal got me a maker kit last school year and I did a staff presentation to help everyone choose their word. All were so thrilled with the bracelets that I made for them. I also made them for my students and I felt it was valuable to take them through choosing an inspiring word. They took it seriously and cherish their bracelets. Over the summer, I decided to make myself a new bracelet and changed my word from “hope” to “stamina”. I think I may offer to make new bracelets for the staff at the outset of the new school year. It’s a good time to set an intention.

Fuck Cancer

I gave this bracelet to my cousin who is undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of cancer. She loves it and put it on immediately. Every time she looks at it she'll know that the family loves and is fighting with her.