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Perfect gift!

I was given a MyIntent bracelet from my therapist years ago that I still wear. It says “TRUST” as I work on trusting myself. I love my bracelet so much that I got one for my friend with words that are special to her. She absolutely loved it!! I’m about to order one for another friend for support on her journey. Highly recommend!

Maker Kit
Scott James-Vickery
The Best Investment for Our Family Life and Work Life!!

As parents of 6 children- 3 biological, 2 adopted, and 1 foster, we have used this to help our children (some of which have major trauma) to find their word. The word is so individual to them. For one, it helps them to focus for school. Another it helps them to touch something tangible and to be able to read something to help during panic attacks. The others, it gives them the confidence for sports or on stage etc…. I also use it as a chaplain in many different settings. It has been absolutely wonderful!

Maker Kit
Amy Bassinger
Team Builder

Purchased the kit to use as a team building activity for a group of health coaches. We all chose our own word and did the bracelets throughout the weekend. What a cool and loving experience to share with people I love and depend on!

Maker Kit
Beth R
Amazing Reflective Experience

Doing this with family and friends has stimulated fantastic conversations about what is and is not important to each of us in our lives. Awesome product!

Maker Kit
Deborah M
I love this kit!

I have really enjoyed this kit. I have wanted to buy it for a while. It has been such a pleasure to spread some kindness and joy to people when they don’t expect it!!

Perfect gift for educators

At the beginning of the school year, each member of our staff chose a word. Each word was stamped on a bracelet and given to them in January to help them get through the rest of the year. They loved their gift!

Guiding Light

Each year my husband and I select one word for the coming year. And, we order through MyIntent. Husband is always classic bracelet set. He wears both of our words. And, my choice is always a necklace with both words. Our words show up in our lives throughout the year. It supports our goal to live intentional each day. Driven by what's greater than each of us. Thank you for helping us to live intentionally by using our guiding light.

Maker Kit
Tracey Brinson
Great for Family and Teambuilding with Colleagues

I made bracelets for my husband, adult kids and kids' partners for Christmas. It was a great activity that sparked dialogue and self-analysis as we all face changes and challenges in our lives. After seeing how my family reacted, I plan to organize a teambuilding activity with my colleagues who work on a challenging project focused on women's education in Afghanistan. Thank you for sharing this powerful, spiritual and beautiful activity!

Maker Kit
Michael Ennis
Christmas gift

Gave this kit to my two granddaughters (14 & 16 years old) and it was a huge hit.


My word was "enough" to remind a dear friend that she indeed is enough (and more!). Beautiful job! Loved it.

Maker Kit
Karen Tondu
Family united

I have given my family members many gifts thru the years. MyIntent gave me the opportunity to create and give every family member their own unique expression for themselves. They love their bracelets and promise to think of me every time they wear it!!!

Third order. We'll order again.

My wife and I both have worn these bracelets the last couple of years. This year we have the same word: together. A great daily, visual reminder for our marriage.

Makes a wonderful gift!

I received one of these last Valentine's Day and love it, so I wanted to gift one to my adult god daughter for Christmas. I chose the word for her and she loves it. I'm sure I will gift again in the future!

Custom Twist Bracelet
Heather Hendricksen
“Transform” for this year!!!

This is my third year of choosing a word. Each year I choose for a particular reason and every year it takes on a larger meaning. I love wearing my bracelet and never take it off. Awesome reminder!


I gave these as a Christmas gift to my 3 adult children and their spouses. Their dad passed away in the fall and this gift was a symbol of him. He was always about words and purpose. The gift was well received.

Maker Kit
Carolyn Burlison

We brought our "Intent" Christmas Night. Our group was aged 7 to 88. Loads of fun choosing our word, and laughingly choosing a word for each other. We only stamped our own word, which led us each to a period of soul searching.

Will likely use this again in various groups for team building or getting to know each other.

Maker Kit
Alejandra Ayala
Great activity for the Holidays.

Brought my set to my family’s holiday celebration and to the end of the year gathering with my friends. All of them were excited to pick their intent word and they loved their bracelets. They said it was a very thoughtful gift.
It has been more than ten years since I replaced New Year’s resolutions to Intent Word to guide me through the year, so I thought having a bracelet with it instead of just writing it down on a journal was wonderful.
I can see myself using the set to make more bracelets or other things as gifts for different occasions and holidays.

Maker Kit
David Paine
Very powerful!!

It’s amazing how a simple bracelet can change the mindset of an individual. Mine says, “GRATEFULNESS” and it’s a daily reminder that there is so much in my life and in this experience to be grateful for. So much that is beautiful and lovely.

Maker Kit
Beloved gift and Customer Service is awesome

Was a gift for my daughter for Christmas. She makes jewelry with crystals and this kit makes the PERFECT companion jewelry. She loved it. I ordered as a last minute idea and it came quickly. And I had some questions when it first arrived before gifting, and Customer Service was awesome and answered all my questions promptly. So the gift was perfect!

Custom Twist Bracelet
Janice Kinker-Weinsoff
Go with the flow

My friend chose this bracelet as her gift of intention

My annual bracelet!

This is my third year ordering a bracelet from MyIntent - I love them! Love the company & the product....and the intent! Every year my intentions have come to fruition with this daily reminder to keep my word of the year, to keep my intentions, as the basis for my life! Thank you!

So glad I did this

I bought a this maker kit as a fun thing to do at our Christmas gathering. I wasn't sure how many would actually be interested. Turns out it was a huge hit! I loved hearing everyone's words. It was a truly meaningful experience. I love this so much I ordered some refills so I could make them for more friends and family. (And maybe one or two more for myself!)

Maker Kit
Paulette King
Fun Christmas Day

First Christmas without my son and I wanted to start a new tradition with my family. It was well received and it was fun to watch everyone come up with their word and then make their bracelet!

My MyIntent Kit

Love making my gifts for my Yoga class. Each person chose their word for 2023. They were amazed that I made them.
Thank you so much!

Custom Token
Jody Raska
Great reminder

This is the 11th year of choosing a word to focus on for the year. I keep these tokens on my keyring and they serve as a daily reminder of my intention for the current (and previous) years. Quick service and a great product.