MyIntent retailers are businesses or individuals officially approved with a State Resale License or Federal Tax ID (EIN), who would like to resell our products through their stores or business entity. As a MyIntent Retailer, you qualify for a 50% discount on ALL orders, small or large quantities. You may purchase any item through our website and ship it to your store or select a custom item to ship it directly to your customers! Retailers can also be makers to create customized pieces to sell at their stores. The Makers Program was designed to support what started the MyIntent Project - the one on one, in-person conversation between the Maker and individual. Makers spread our mission with friends, family, community, events, fundraising, and other by asking meaningful questions, supporting people in connecting with their word and creating their MyIntent pieces. For more information on our Maker’s Program, please check our Maker Certification.

In order to be approved for retailing MyIntent in your store, you must provide us a copy of your original Resale License or Tax ID Form. Please attach your file under our application form.


We do not require a minimum order amount. You can shop for as little as 1 item to bulk orders! You are welcome to mix it up between the Main Shop and Maker's shop. You can also purchase any items from our shop and ship it straight to your client! For special or bulk orders, you are welcome to send us a P.O to or contact us to discuss your needs.


Payment is due in advance of shipping any order. This may be made via credit card through our website or for special orders, after receiving your P.O, we will send you an invoice through your wholesale account.


As a business practice, we do not acknowledge, engage nor extend any
exclusive selling rights by product nor geographic location to retailers. It
is also a commitment to progressing our movement. This type of sales
strategy does not fall in line with our philosophy as a whole, as such we
have decided to maximize every opportunity with wider distribution and
operate a truly open marketplace.
Minimum Pricing
Retailer online price advertising and sales must not be less than
minimum pricing (with the exception of promotional prices). Violations
of our pricing will result in termination of the wholesale account.
As of July 16th, 2018, we no longer allow retailers to sell online.
MyIntent’s mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversation
and we want to re-focus the Retailer community on getting out
into the community and having in-person conversations.
If you sell in-person, you may use your social media to make others
aware that you retail MyIntent products for sale but we no longer
allow online stores that process payment and take orders via a website
or on 3rd party sites like etsy, ebay, etc. Selling on is not allowed.
Marketing Assets
All digital content found online at MyIntent channels are for online promotional
use only. All marketing assets for promotional use is intended to be used by
retailers as part of the MyIntent Retailer Program only. To protect the MyIntent
project and community, our name and logo can only be used with the products
provided by MyIntent. For licensing, collaborations, partnerships, or to share
your ideas, please contact We want to hear from you!


Damaged/Defective Items: MyIntent items are hand-made by our artisans –
each unit inevitably reflecting inherent uniqueness. Customers can expect
that no two items will look exactly the same. Great effort is expended on
packaging design intended to protect product during handling. Additionally,
warehouse personnel receive ongoing carton-packing training to minimize
the risk of damage during shipment. In the rare event damaged, defective
or incorrect items are received, MyIntent will extend a full credit. MyIntent
asks that any damage be reported within 30 days of receipt. MyIntent does
require pre-authorization of returns. To ensure proper replacement, please
be sure to include photographic evidence of all damaged items and original
packing slip. If there is a defect in the product such as a broken band or mis-
spelled word, we will replace the piece. Please email us at
with your order number and a photo of your defective product and we will
replace immediately. This “defective” is only for misspelling and wrong product.
Preference for spacing or alignment is not considered defective. Once an order
is placed we are unable to change your word. All of our pieces are custom made
with in 1-2 days of placing the order. Please be sure of your word of intent before
placing your order. Please remember these are all unique handmade pieces and
perceived “imperfections” are part of the charm of the product.
Product orders cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded once payment is received
because these are all custom orders. Please be sure of your word and style choice
before placing order.Returns for reasons other than defect or damage – including
refusals and/or cancellations while in transit will not be accepted. Returns must be
received within 30 calendar days or the return authorization will be canceled. MyIntent
does not cover shipping costs for returned items or refund for original shipping cost.


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