MyIntent Maker Kits are a powerful & versatile platform to spread positivity for anyone looking to create meaningful connections - leaders, coaches, teachers, counselors.  Makers are using our kits in a variety of creative ways from team building to fundraising - the possibilities are endless.  You're not just buying a bracelet stamping kit, you're joining a community of 6000+ Makers in our Facebook group sharing inspiring stories and supporting each other's journey. 

Below are a few examples of how Makers are inspiring their communities through our Maker Kit.

  • Team Building
  • Fundraising
  • Schools - Add to your school's Mindfulness curriculum!
  • Church / Youth Groups
  • Reunions
  • Coaches / Life Coaches / Counselors
  • Hospitals


Raymer Realty Group

Our whole team headed up to Bass Lake for our annual leadership retreat.  WE had such a wonderful time bonding, setting goals, and brainstorming ways we can support each other and better serve our clients.  We even made bracelets featuring the one word we selected together to inspire us to be our best in 2018"

Team building image


Robious Elementary - Casta C., Principal

"I made 60 bracelets for my staff as a team building activity.  I picked blue cord for our school color.  When I made each one, I could definitely see why each teacher chose their WORD.

I know there are a lot of personalized jewelry that you can buy but I think this is different because of the meaning of each bracelet.  My staff loved them and were in awe when I gifted them.”  

Robious Elementary


Corporate Team Building - MJ

My best friend is an executive and leads the Diversity Team for a major bank. She shared the idea of the MyIntent Project with her Team Leads, as an activity to encourage positive conversations and spark interaction. She collected all their words without telling them what she was going to do with them. I then used my Maker Kit to make the bracelets. Today, she presented them each with THEIR word. She said it was so emotional. Each person shared the meaning behind THEIR word and it was amazing! 

Corporate Team Building

Non-Profit organization - Sarah R.

"I purchased the maker kit to use with youth at the non-profit organization where I work and they LOVE IT!  Staff love it every bit as much as the children.  I thought it might be difficult for younger kids, but even our 9 year olds are able to be successful with a little help and direction."



Rustic Pathways Foundation (High School Travel and Service Programs) - Andrea B., Executive Director  

"The fundraiser was a hit...  Fiji made over $4,000 in only 3 weeks!"
The Rustic Pathways Foundation supports and implements locally-driven community development projects around the world.  The Rustic Pathways foundation recently began selling MyIntent tie-on bracelets for $20 each as a way to fundraise for their community service projects.  
After learning about MyIntent, Andrea "ordered 600 bracelets and a team of 3 of us in San Francisco hand stamped them to be customized for 3 of our countries - Fiji, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. We chose phrases that reflect the local culture and represent something special from each place. We then shipped a few hundred bracelets to each location and the in-country staff sold them to students, with all proceeds going directly to the Rustic Foundation project in that particular country. 
The fundraiser was a hit in all the regions - Fiji made over $4,000 in only 3 weeks!  We are going to continue selling bracelets in each country and will expand to even more regions next year."

Endicott College - Lindsey S., Assistant Director of Counseling Center

“We are so excited about this new initiative to be a MyIntent Maker.   In our very first attempt to fundraise for the LIGHThouse Leadership Society, we raised $200 in just 3 hours charging $8 for bracelets and $10 for necklaces.  Since we didn’t do any advertising, this certainly feels like a success for us.

Our club is called the LIGHThouse Leadership Society. The LIGHT in LIGHThouse stands for Learning to Inspire, Guide, Help and Teach. Our group focuses on leadership through self-awareness, reflection, and activism.  We felt strongly that MyIntent was the perfect organization to support, whilst also assisting us with the activism aspect of leadership. We have decided to have a charity of the month that will receive the proceeds."

Endicott fundraising


For Causes and Races (e.g. marathons, charity walk)

MyIntent Bracelets can be used as a meaningful reward for those who donate to your cause, race, walk, etc.  For example, for anyone who donates above X dollars, they would get a bracelet.  You can get creative with how you pick the WORD for them or if you allow them to choose.  We've received a story from a customer who gifted a MyIntent Bracelet for anyone donating $50 towards her marathon race and she ended up raising over $9000!


SCHOOLS - Add to your school's Mindfulness curriculum!

Download our School Activations presentation

We provide an education discount for teacher's.  

Canajoharie High School - Carol Ann H., Special Ed Teacher

"Every year we have a theme and this year's theme was built around the MyIntent's "What's Your Word" and "What you think about, you bring about." The entire high school at Canajoharie including every 9th - 12th grader, custodian, faculty and staff, got their own WORD bracelet. This by far has been the best year yet. Students have shared their story and have embraced their WORD. Thank you for this idea!"

Canajoharie High School

Old Mill Road School - Christina M., ESL Teacher

"Our 5th grade students celebrated our mindfulness unit by creating our personalized WORD bracelets. Each of the students and their teachers now wear their WORD each day. It was easy and memorable! Thank you MyIntent!"

Christina M., an ESL teacher in NY, incorporated the concept of choosing a WORD to help her ESL students manage their emotions - emotions stemming from being in a new country, not knowing the language, and being in an unfamiliar environment.  Her students wrote poems about the word they chose.  She used the process of choosing a word to help the students balance their spirits and release any pent up emotions.  The students took to it right away and it was so successful that their Principal decided to expand the exercise to all 80 of the 5th graders at the school.  Below is their video sharing their WORDs.

 Karen R. - Teacher

"I love the kit. I teach at a small Christian High School and each year the junior class organizes a prom for the graduating class. Each senior also gets a gift. I bought the kit to make bracelets for each graduating senior. I asked each of them what word they try live by or describes them and made 12 bracelets. On prom night, each senior was given their bracelet with their word and they were in awe. They were so grateful and put them on immediately. Thank you for this wonderful product the brings love and hope into this world."


Bible verses

Sherry G.

"I have purchased several bracelets for sisters, friends & youth who are graduating out of my youth group & heading off to college. Its so fun to choose a word that I hope brings them strength each day!" 


"I really love the connections MyIntent opens for me. I get to reach out to people in a non-intrusive way, and really get to know them. Its NOT just a piece of jewelry. 
One example, there is a woman in our church who makes coffee for the entire church every Sunday starting at 5 AM.  She works hard during all 3 services to make sure everyone has coffee.  It's sort of a thankless, behind the scenes job.  The only thing I knew about her was her name, that she made coffee, liked to run. I just started watching her from a distance and didn't see her interact with very many people. One day, I looked her up on social media a read a few of her posts. I began making small talk with her for a few Sundays, then, I picked her word and made her a bracelet. When I gave it to her, she teared up hugged me and thanked me over and over! I chose the word BEAUTIFUL for her.  Now, every Sunday we hug, chat for a bit and I even help her with coffee. She has since ordered a necklace and we have had some of the best conversations. I can say I've made a real friend."
Sisters in Christ book-club retreat:
church book club



Debbie B.

"I bought the kit for my girlfriends to make a bracelet with their word during a girlfriend get away. Everyone loved it. Over the week everyone figured out their word and made their bracelet. I have since made more for friends as gifts. I love my word it keeps me focused on my goal. I enjoy being a member of the Facebook group it helped me come up with ideas and has great tips. Everything in the kit was a great quality."

Caroline T.

"We used this for a family workshop at the Vietnam Culture Camp and it was so successful! We should have ordered more hammers!"



Softball Coach - Michala C.

"INSPIRE - We are a college softball team and this is our WORD for the year."

Softball Team

Women's Retreat Speaker - K.R.

"I spoke at our women's retreat and my challenge for each woman was to think of their "word."  I then stamped out 40 bracelets using the Maker Kit  w/ each woman's special word.  What a blessing…  Thank you for what you created. It was a true "gift" and it was shared in a way of discipleship with many."




"Working in a children's hospital, these bracelets have played a HUGE role in bringing hope and inspiration to some of our patients!!"

MyIntent Partnership with Heart of a Hero 

'Super-Human' "It's not like super heroes in the movies exist, right? We're all human. But I think being super-human, is being super human. 'LIGHT' is something that I try to bring to the darkest moments of people's lives, but it's also a challenge for me to obtain myself, so I'm giving something that's hard to keep. " @rickymena 🕷❤️ A few months ago we partnered w/Ricky in his crusade to bring 'LIGHT' to the children he visits in homes and hospitals w/@heartofaheroinc. Since responding to a dream where he saw Spider-Man coming to the aid of children, Ricky has visited over 9,000 children who are battling terminal illness, fostered, homeless, special needs. And Ricky doesn't just visit, he forges very special and intimate relationships w/the children and their families as he commits to walk with them through their personal battles. 🕷❤️ To find out more about @RickyMena & @Heartofaheroinc check out their pages. You can also use code: LIGHT on any orders for a discount, and proceeds go to #HeartofaHero • #light #whatsyourword #spiderman #myintent #rickymena 🎥: @xander_pappas @ad.freese

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