What do I get when I become a Certified MyIntent Maker?

  • The right to use MyIntent brand assets, logo, and name to resell official MyIntent products in-person*.
  • The opportunities to be hired for exclusive MyIntent events in your geographical area (VIP, charity, and corporate events)
  • Opportunity to be interviewed and featured on MyIntent website and channels
  • Exclusive special offers

By certifying as a MyIntent Maker I agree to the following terms:

1. Sell

United States: As a MyIntent Certified Maker, I am granted permission to use MyIntent brand assets, logo, and name but only when selling official MyIntent products in-person*. MyIntent owns the trademark to "MyIntent" and "What's Your WORD?" Official MyIntent products encompass all products sold on that have the MyIntent brand on it. If I want to create and sell my own design(s), I must use official MyIntent tokens in order to still use MyIntent brand assets, logo, and name without violating MyIntent trademarks. All terms and conditions for selling are subject to change and I agree to follow any changes as required by MyIntent. I will be notified of these changes via email from MyIntent.

Selling on is not allowed and has never been allowed.

International: We do not authorize MyIntent products to be sold or resold outside of the United States at this time. You may purchase MyIntent products to gift but cannot sell:

2. Pricing

Pricing for in person sales can be at my discretion.
For those with online stores prior to July 16, 2018, ONLINE sales must never be less than the pricing on the website.

3. Naming & Appropriate Use of MyIntent Brand

To protect the integrity of the MyIntent brand and avoid confusion in the MyIntent community, I agree to identify myself to the community (in person and online) using the following naming structure: “MyIntent Maker [Full Name]” (e.g. MyIntent Maker Jane Smith).

I may use the same naming structure when naming my MyIntent related business or social media accounts. If I want a different name to make it easier for customers to remember me, I will pick a name that represents me and my own business (e.g. Crafty Intentions, Sharing Positivity, Beating Cancer with Intention, Fundraising with Betty, etc). I will not include the words “MyIntent” or “What’s Your WORD” or any other version imitating MyIntent’s trademarks (e.g. “Your Intent”, “Your WORD” “What’s Your Word Bracelet”, etc). I’m aware that this violation will cause customer confusion and hurts both MyIntent and my account when a customer can't figure out who's who. If my account is discovered with a name in violation, I will immediately have to change the name.

I am also encouraged to utilize and contribute to the established social media hashtags #MyIntentMaker and #MyIntent. MyIntent as a brand and project is always written in one word with uppercase M and I (MyIntent), not two words. The metal circle is referred to as a token not a washer.

4. Stamping

The quality of my stamping on the MyIntent products I’m selling must maintain a good standard of quality at all times. For best practices and to learn how to achieve quality stamping techniques, check out the How To Stamp tutorial video. To keep brand consistency and prevent customer confusion, we request that you do not use different fonts or lower case stamps.

5. Guiding Someone in Finding Their WORD

I understand that being a Maker is about connecting with others by asking questions, listening, and asking more questions to guide someone in finding their WORD. It’s about engaging and providing space to discover what they need more of in their life in a WORD, which will serve as a daily reminder to bring positive impact to their life.
Helpful Resource: For tips check out the WORD FINDER tutorial.

6. Liability

If I choose to resell MyIntent products as a Certified MyIntent Maker, I understand that I assume all responsibility for my activities in doing such. I agree that Certified MyIntent Makers who conduct sales or activities on their own behalf are solely responsible for their own taxes, insurance and any other liability related to producing and reselling MyIntent products. By reselling MyIntent products as a Certified MyIntent Maker, I am solely responsible for maintaining the utmost quality in the MyIntent products I sell, and resolving my own customer inquiries, grievances, and returns as necessary.



MyIntent Maker Certification Step 1 is Stamping, for you must get your Maker Kit

Get your Maker Kit

MyIntent Maker Certification Step 1 is to also stamp the word STAY FOCUSED

And stamp the WORD: STAY FOCUSED 

Take a picture and proceed to STEP 2. You will have to upload your picture file in STEP 3. For guidance, check out the How To Stamp tutorial video.


For each question choose the correct answer.

1. How do you activate WORDs?
By asking questions.
By showing your bracelet and explaining the meaning of your WORD.
By telling the MyIntent Mission.

2. What do you do when someone asks for a generic word such as a person's name?
Make them a bracelet with that WORD/name
Ask them to share more about that person & why they chose that WORD/name
Tell them all the people you know that chose the same WORD/name

3. What do you do when someone tells you they do not know what their word is, or says “I will have to think about it?”
Ok let me know when you ready?
Start giving them examples of WORDs
Ask them a meaningful question about themselves

4. When someone is talking to you...
You listen to them
Talk over them
Tell them how other people got their words

5. You can use the MyIntent brand if.
You talk to people about their words
Only when reselling official MyIntent products
You spread the MyIntent mission

6. You can sell online if
You have MyIntent Maker Certification
You have MyIntent Online retailer certification
I was certified as a Maker and Online Retailer before July 17th, 2018

7. The name you can create with the MyIntent Brand is:
MyIntent Maker [Your Full Name]
MyIntent by [Your Full Name]
MyIntent [Your Full Name]

8. You can sell your own product design using the MyIntent brand if:
You are great at making bracelets
You use official MyIntent tokens
You also sell other MyIntent products

"Congratulations you successfully passed the MAKER TEST! Please complete STEP 3 to finish your application"

Fill out my online form.