Meaningful Team Building Activity


Whether you’re a manager looking to rally your team or a leader looking for ways to build a tight-knit group, MyIntent's What's Your WORD? process is the perfect catalyst to start a meaningful conversation with your team.

How to incorporate MyIntent's What's Your WORD? process with your team:

Option 1: Customize for each team member

  • Ask each team member for their WORD during your 1:1 meetings.  (How to guide someone to find their WORD)
  • Order each member their WORD using our Group Order page.
  • During a team meeting, pass out the custom MyIntent pieces and have everyone share their WORD and why.  The magic is in the sharing, conversation, and helping each other achieve your WORD throughout the year.
  • (Variation): Lay out all of the custom MyIntent pieces on a table and have the team try and guess which WORD belongs to which team member.  

Option 2: Team WORD

  • Choose a team motto, mantra, or a WORD that represents your team's goals.
  • Order each member a bracelet with the team motto using our Group Order page.
  • During a team meeting, pass out the MyIntent pieces and have a conversation about the meaning of the team motto and how each member plays a role in achieving your team's goals.

Check out the ways companies and teams are leveraging MyIntent for Team Building:

  • Companies
  • Sports Teams
  • Church / Youth Groups
  • Retreats



The founders of Airbnb wanted to share a unifying message with hundreds of hosts attending the Airbnb Open International Conference.  They customized BELONG bracelets to give to the attendees along with the following message:

Airbnb Open Belong


 Julio M., Genentech:

“I have been using MyIntent products to enhance team engagement at my company Genentech. At the beginning of each year we create goals/initiatives that should enhance our company's vision forward. Each year we have been choosing a word that best describes what we have to do in order to meet these goals we set for ourselves. So we document and hold each other accountable for the word we choose.”

Deb D., Wells Fargo:

“I manage a small but mighty team of professionals. In the very beginning of 2017 we went through an exercise based on the One Word book. Everyone selected a word that was meaningful to them and their focus for the year. I purchased MyIntent bracelets for each person on the team, including myself, with their own personal word. The team loved it! I received great feedback and thanks for this small but mighty reminder of their intent for the year. I wear my intent every day, and I've seen my team doing the same.”


Judi K, P&G:

We were brainstorming how to create a meaningful ‘call to action’ at an industry event (our President was speaking) and one of our team members referred me to MyIntent.  The more I learned about it the more I was sold.  Our bracelet – in P&G blue and silver—promoted our #WESEEEQUAL campaign--- all about gender equality.  MyIntent is an amazing tribute to what matters most to people—words and connections.”


Chach R., MAC Cosmetics:

“We used the MyIntent Project to motivate and engage our team for a new store opening!  We talked about how all of our unique characteristics (each person’s WORD) is going to bring positivity and success to our new work environment.

 Sean L., Starbucks:

"My team and I found this exercise very useful and the experience very rewarding."

 MyIntent Group

Sports Teams

Mike C., Cleveland Indians

ROLL TRIBE means resiliency amongst the biggest of obstacles by coming together as one unit.

Cleveland Indians


Bellevue University Softball Team

“For the last four years, the Bellevue University softball team has chosen a word to set the tone for our season. The word becomes a standard; it reminds us to work hard to reach our athletic as well as life goals, and creates a unique theme for that year’s group of players. For the 2017-2018 season, our team chose the word INSPIRE, a word that is both meaningful to us on and off the field. We loved the idea of being able to wear the word on our wrist as a constant reminder of what we stand for through the ups and downs within a season.”

Bellevue University Team MyIntent

Church / Youth Groups

Gwen M., Pastor: 

I'm a Pastor and I was looking for a gift to give the members of my church. Every year as the present year is ending we have a theme that is purpose driven for the coming year. In previous years I have given pens and stickers to promote the theme and get people excited about the coming year. Our theme for 2018 is Activate! When I came across MyIntent, I was excited with the thought to give something different. As I began to read about your mission I was very moved with the idea of joining MyIntent to not only provide my 2018 gift for members of my church but also to use MyIntent as a vehicle to inspire my members and others by finding out their word for the year and creating a piece to remind them daily of their word and hopeful drive them to embrace it and drive them to try harder to achieve their goals.

Sherry G.

“I have purchased several bracelets for sisters, friends & youth who are graduating out of my youth group & heading off to college.  It's so fun to choose a word that I hope brings them strength each day!”



Terri R., Clearwater COG

“An our annual retreat, my co-workers were asked to choose a word that had meaning for them.  I made them personalized key chains using the MyIntent Maker Kit and also a token with "Team Awesome" on it as that is what the 20 of us are. Each key chain was put in an envelope with the word on the front and the team had to guess to whom the word belonged. Then the person was asked to share why they chose their word. This was uplifting and in some cases emotional and we all learned a lot about one another. Thank you MyIntent!”

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