Refill - Twist Bracelets

$ 75.00

or 4 interest-free installments with

Engrave your own MyIntent Bracelet to activate people's intentions.

These bracelet's tokens are blank on one side for you to engrave the word of intent and have MyIntent branding engraved on the back side for authenticity.

The strings are made of waxed nylon and has a slight shine. The token is made of Gold Plated, Silver Plated or Rose Gold Plated.  

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  • Brass token: Brass only
  • Nickel token: Brass plated with Nickel
  • Black token: Brass plated with Black Nickel
  • Silver Plated token: Brass plated with Silver
  • Gold Plated token: Brass plated with Gold



Check out our Ideas page to find out creative, inspiring ways others are using the Maker Kit!



Check out our Education page to find out how your school can qualify for ½ OFF Maker Kits, supplies, and more!


Find out more on our FAQ page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Deanice Shegog
Great Gift for Students

I made the bracelets for our Students of the Quarter. It was very interesting to hear why their words met so much to them.

Diego Jaramillo
Small Business Planning Clinic

We are a real estate team in Houston, TX. We hosted a small business planning clinic this past weekend and closed out our event by providing bracelets with their word for 2022. It was a great success.

M Christoferson
Flawed brass tokens but great customer service, you did not disappoint in the end.

So I decided to get the brass regular tokens. Received them and the brass were all scratched up so I contacted customer service, took pics of the 50 bracelets and it took about 3 days for a response. They did have to review it(additional more days) I was in a hurry ,so a little frustrated, because I had wanted this for a party and I did order in plenty of time but because of the flaws the party date came and went without bracelets. With that said Customer service ended up upgrading me to the plated gold twist, they did not want to send me brass regular just in case so I accepted the upgrade replacement. Boy am I glad I accepted! I actually think the gold plated twist bracelets are better. The string was different, a lot more waxier than the regular and held the token better. I made them for xmas gifts for family and friends. They love it! Surprising how much it's a reminder (on your wrist) towards what ever it is you are needing at a particular time in your life. Just love it!

Tricia Heath
‘Tis a Gift

A few weeks before Christmas I asked a few of my close friends to answer the questions in the ‘find my word’...told them to send me the word that most resonated with ‘where they are’ currently in their lives: goals, headspace, and/or personal virtue, etc. Those words became personalized gifts for them this year. Something meaningful to be able to do to the special people in my circle, many of whom are registered nurses, (including myself). A bit of positive for them to carry with them whenever and wherever. I adore everything about this company’s passion. Thank you.

Michelle Vogl
I love this company love the products!!!!

I love my maker kit and quality of it and the bracelets!!! This is a great Company with great intentions. It makes its own inclusive community by helping people rise to the best of themselves if nothing but having one moment to think about what inspires them and to feel a part of something bigger . I love making them for my blended family it helped us have a great common experience memory of making them and wearing them. Thank you MyIntent for being great!!

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