You Are Enough Pt1


When you look at yourself in the mirror - what do you see?

During this time of self-isolation, we’ve had a chance to reflect on things that previously, we might’ve been too busy to notice. With a step back from society, we’ve been given an opportunity to dive right into something more personal: our own minds and hearts.

So how do we combat this self-doubt? How do we shift our mindsets so that we know our worth and have confidence in our strength?  

Many times, it takes a loved one to point out our strengths:

You will always be enough. No matter when. No matter where. The world is a better place with you in it. No one could ever provoke my thoughts like you. My Queen. -Cole C.

I wanted to get something for my wife and daughter to remind them that no matter how they might feel, they are enough. My hope is that they can look at this as they deal with the stress of the day and be reminded of their inner strength. -Timothy C.

To my future wife, You are beautiful, talented and one-of-a-kind! See yourself the way I see you because you are everything I dreamed of and more than enough. Always stay positive and confident in yourself. I love you more than I can explain! ❤️ -KC M.

I want my wife to know that she will always be the one I want to grow old with. -Jerod S.

Other times, it’s an inner journey that we must face ourselves - a realization that comes from years of neglecting our own voice:

I've been struggling with my self worth a lot lately and I need to remind myself everyday that I am enough. -Alicia S.

After several years of feeling inadequate in various areas of my life, I realized that I can only do as much as I can do, and others would have to respect that. As soon as I adopted the 'I am enough' attitude, I felt more at peace with myself. -Cheryl P.

I’m transgender and having trouble accepting myself for who I am and feeling unworthy of doing this for myself. This will hopefully help me remember that I can do this and I am enough. -J.H.

I am deserving of the BEST: happiness, honesty, a healthy & fit body, the truest & most beautiful love, and a life I am excited about living. I deserve to be proud of myself. -Angela E.

So now, when you look at yourself in the mirror - what will you start to see?