Finding the HEALER Within

From the front lines to becoming a patient, Taylor B. risked her health to provide care for patients. She is a HEALER, and this is her story:

“The one word that has helped me overcome this pandemic is the word that’s helped me overcome every challenging encounter thus far, HEALER.
Through my own journey of chronic illness, I found my passion for medicine and helping patients heal. Every morning during this pandemic walking into work, I would look at my MyIntent bracelet and find strength knowing that my purpose is bigger than any fear I would be facing.

I knew working in the medical field with chronic diseases would increase my risk of contracting COVID and even death from it. Grounding myself in my hope, my faith, and my purpose as a healer, a future doctor, I knew that I would overcome anything.

I hold this word so dearly to my heart because it is my calling. It is my duty.
It is my passion AND my purpose.
I’ve been fortunate enough to witness healing miracles from God in my own journey with illness. Holding onto the faith and hope that healing is possible is what I stand for and want every patient to feel too.
To never lose hope, despite how grim illness can be. Despite how lonely illness can be. Despite how fearful the world can become. To never lose hope that better things will come.

It was late March where the clinic I work at had an outbreak of the virus and the staff had contracted it from the patients.
And the moment I tested positive for Corona, I still held onto my word HEALER.
Fighting Corona Virus has been a battle. A fight for my life. And a fight for all the future patients that will be impacted by my gifts of empathy and compassion.
I truly believe if we anchor ourselves in our callings and purposes, we will rise and overcome from the circumstances that bring our lives to ashes.
I’m on day 48 of having active infection of Corona.
My lung function has decreased significantly and I’ve had 48 days of symptoms, fever, and pain, but my spirit is strong and I know one day soon I will be back on the front lines helping patients stay strong in their healing."

Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your story!