Honoring Nurses

In honor of National Nurses Week, we want to thank all the men and women who have been working tirelessly on the front lines to keep us healthy and safe. We celebrate you and want to spotlight some amazing stories from these healthcare heroes:   

Photo Credit: Taylor B.

“I’m a nurse in a large hospital. I made everyone on my surgical trauma floor a MyIntent bracelet. It was a great way to bring everyone together (nurses, surgeons, secretaries, dietary, etc). Given what we are dealing with now, it was perfect timing.” - MyIntent Maker Jen M.

“I'm a physician. BE BRAVE is a reminder to show up every day and do what's needed for my community in the midst of this pandemic” - Roma A.

“I chose SELFLESS because I believe that happiness can truly be achieved by putting others before ourselves in every aspect of life, and in everything we do. I'm a registered nurse, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. Many words came to mind when trying to create a necklace, such as patience, kindness, faith, and love. SELFLESS seems to tie all of these words together because to live selflessly, we must have faith, and doing so automatically results in patience, kindness, and love.” - Tiffanie A.

“I choose the word RESILIENT . I feel this explains myself and my dear friend. We are ICU nurses working with covid-19 patients everyday and we...go back to work each day to care for our patients and that’s the definition of resilient -which is also what we strive for in our patients - the resilience to recover.” - Cathy S.  

“I remind myself on a daily basis to have COMPASSION for others and their journey. I work as a school nurse and when students come to the health office I do my best to listen and heal with compassion. - Joann M.

“I recently became a nurse. It was a long and difficult journey with lots of sleepless nights and long hours of studying & working hard. Throughout the entire experience of going through nursing school and working at different healthcare facilities, you learn a lot more than any book or instructor can teach you. As you connect with patients and see them in their most vulnerable moments, it touches you. As nurses we vow to be advocates for our patients and always have their best interest in mind.” - MyIntent Maker Juan B.

How are you showing your gratitude today?