A Message to the Class of 2020

The graduating classes of 2020 have faced a year that they will never forget. While it was anything but normal, these students kept their FOCUS and made it to the finish line, and we celebrate these incredible humans! 

To the Class of 2020, from the community that is rooting for you, here are WORDs to remind you how special you are: 

This is not the graduation season you planned but it is only the beginning of your adventure. We have no doubt you are UNSTOPPABLE and poised to do great things! Love you!
- Lauren F.

We have had the pleasure to watch you grow into a superb young lady who values family, friends, and academics. LIMITLESS was the word chosen for you, because we saw that no thought, person, location, or social constraint could ever restrain you from making the right choices that you hold deep in your heart. We wish for your future that life will be filled with meaningful challenges, loving relationships, and prosperous opportunities, and limitless beauty. - Eleanor G.

This isn’t your storybook ending of HS but your story is just beginning. With all of the unknowns ahead, I still encourage you to dream without fear! You can do all things and the sky is the limit! Love, Robyn

At a young age you already have a list of hard to achieve accomplishments. We are so proud of all your successes. We chose the word JOURNEY for you because we hope you go into the next stage of your life ready to enjoy the JOURNEY. Our true wish is for you to have an amazing adventure of a life filled with rewarding challenges, amazing moments of self-discovery, life-long love, and career satisfaction. - Eleanor G.

My niece is a 2020 high school grad and is struggling with not having her full senior year. Wanted something to help her see that she is UNBREAKABLE. - Karen S.

What are your messages of encouragement for the Class of 2020?