From our Makers: THANK YOU, Essential Workers!


On May 1st, we gathered as a Maker Community and for our first every Stamp Night for Essential Workers. Together, we created bracelets to gift love and empowerment, and to say thank you to everyone who helps us get by everyday. Whether they were able to stamp with us or created these amazing bracelets on their own, these are the stories of our wonderful Makers as they gifted these bracelets to their community: 

My bracelets went to the 2020 #HERO employees of Walmart last week. One of them is my neighbor who has been getting my mail every 2 weeks from the post office because I cannot go into places due to being immune compromised. The most amazing part of this whole shelter in place is that I didn't know her before this all happened. I love how my neighborhood community has rallied around those of us who cannot leave our homes. I will be engraving more bracelets this week so she can continue to share my appreciation to all the essential workers there. -Dina Marie B.

Our Essential Angel: My son has to have an IV infusion every 8 weeks. It was a bit stressful going to a hospital during the pandemic. However the healthcare workers took many precautions to keep us safe. While having his treatment we learned his nurse (that he's seen every 8 weeks for 6 years) resigned from her second nursing job at an emergency room because she works with immune-compromised kids and wanted to make sure she wasn't exposing them to the Coronavirus while treating them. Think about that for a moment...she gave up income from her second job to keep our kids safe! Nurses continue to amaze me every day!!! Feeling thankful for our essential angel, Angela. -Jessica Wiggin Y.

I’ve been gifting!!! I enlisted my husband and my 13 year old son to assist. We went to the grocery store I frequent, the hospital my husband works at (it is also one of the hospitals I round at), the gas station I always go to, my office, and the pharmacy I go to often and send a lot of prescriptions to. My words with each gift is, “Thank you for being essential”. The appreciation that came from everyone brought tears to my eyes! My 13 year old said “Mom, that feels so good!” He was right it did.  It was so great. - Temeaka El G.  

"My daughter is a nurse and working on the front lines in New York right now. I made these for her and her co workers! NYC ❤️ We got this. It took some trial and error but finally found my groove!!! They loved them!!!" -Venica W.

"Made gifts for my staff. The key chains read, #ESSENTIAL. We work for the local hospital in non-clinical positions. We were deployed to work from home and my team has done awesome!" -Barb S.

Thankful for veterinarians and their teams! Who knew when we adopted a puppy in January her appointments for vaccines and surgery would be so challenging! Spread a little gratitude to our Amherst veterinarian essential workers!! -Jennifer Wiggin Y.  

My Doctor's continuous devotion to the health and quality of life of his patients is the most beautiful gift my family and I have been given. His patience and calm, quiet demeanor have always made the worst news become news of hope and strength. I have been so blessed to be given life again because of my Doctors true, unselfish, and honorable love of being a healer. -Amber L.