World Teacher's Day - Oct. 5, 2017

Today is World Teacher's Day!  In honor of those who devote their lives to teaching and guiding our future leaders, we've recently donated 400 Maker Kits to the California Teacher Association so that teachers can include MyIntent as part of their mindfulness curriculum.

Below are some amazing stories of teachers already using MyIntent to help teach mindfulness and social and emotional intelligence in schools.  We are immensely grateful to play a small role in helping our future leaders define and manifest their WORD!

Canajoharie High School, NY:

"Every year we have a theme and this year's theme was build around MyIntent's "What's Your WORD?" and "What you think about, you bring about."  The entire high school at Canajoharie including every 9-12th grader, custodian, faculty, and staff chose their own WORD bracelet.  This by far has been the best year yet.  Students have shared their story and have embraced their WORD.  Thank you for this idea!" - Carol Ann H., Special Ed Teacher

Canajoherie High School

Old Mill Road School, NY:

"Our 5th grade students celebrated our mindfulness unit by creating our personalized One Word bracelets. Each of the students and their teachers now wear their One Word each day. It was easy and memorable! Thank you MyIntent!" - Christina M., ESL teacher


Old Mill Road School


Robious Elementary, VA:

"I did a team building activity with my staff and made 60 bracelets.  I picked the blue cord for our school color.  When I made each one, I could definitely see why each person chose their WORD." - Casta C., Principal.

Robious Elementary