Maker Profile: Eileen Nepomuceno

Meet MyIntent Maker Eileen Nepomuceno from Hawaii
in her own words

Why did you decide to become a Maker?

I decided to become a Maker because MyIntent fills a space of positivity that I needed very much. I spent the last 4 years of my career doing labor relations – grievances, investigations, discipline, basically a very tough position that didn’t have a lot of positive moments.  I loved the work and I learned so much about my capacity in the process so it was worth it but I had to work harder to stay balanced.  I read everything on your website and thought being a Maker would be a great way for me to engage with people in a positive realm and have great conversations around “What’s YOUR Word?”. It’s the perfect vehicle for me to have my own business (ad)venture and a plus because I believe in the core value and cause.  It’s all presented so simply, products are fairly priced for Makers and it’s been so fun for me to network with people.  I also love that it’s personalized so I can stamp Hawaiian words and support my culture, being Native Hawaiian.

How do you approach people about MyIntent?

When people ask me what I do, I share MyIntent and show them my bracelet, ask them what their word would be and the conversation blooms from that point.  I also have given bracelets to my family and friends and asked them to share their word and story with others.

"My WORD is TRUST.  For me it is a reminder to TRUST God, trust myself, trust others, trust the journey.  I love it and wearing it has given me the opportunity to share my story with others at a very personal level."


Do you sell for yourself or donate some funds to a charity?

Currently, I’m selling for myself and I remain open to working with a charity when the opportunity presents itself.  I volunteer with the Hawaii Foodbank and I’m hoping to partner with another volunteer friend to do a fundraiser together.  I’ve also been talking to people about working with church youth groups, putting the word out there.

Do you do events?

Yes, I just did a Mother’s Day Maker’s Market at a local venue on Sunday which was very fun.  I look forward to doing more events, not so much to sell bracelets but to get more people to pause and focus on living with intent.

What impact have you had with your family, friends, and community?

I’m definitely in a positive space and my family and friends are spreading the love of MyIntent for me which is really great. I just started in March when I got my kit.  I hope to become a positive refuge for family, friends and community as someone to share intentions with and to bring groups of people together to discuss intent at a bigger level.  Definitely an area I want to grow as part of my Maker role. I do training and coaching right now and my Leadership group of 20 people are receiving a MyIntent bracelet as a “graduation” gift, with their corporate word and color.  My friend’s son is graduating from high school and I’m making MyIntent bracelets for him to gift to his friends with the school word and class color. This past Saturday I volunteered as a HR mentor at the University of HI and I gifted a bracelet to one of the faculty members as a “mahalo”.  She asked me today to make 7 more for her office team.  It’s been a wonderful journey so far just two months.

Would you recommend others to become a MyIntent Maker?

Yes, I would if they are in it for the journey not the money.  I think when we focus on the right energy, it manifests in the right direction.

It's quick and easy to become a MyIntent Maker. Purchase a Maker Kit (from around $100) and you can hand-stamp WORDs anytime for your friends, family, and community.