Father's Day WORDS and Stories 2017

We are inspired from reading your stories for Father's Day.  Here are a few:

He has Parkinson's Disease.  Through biking, he's found a way to manage the symptoms and live a healthy lifestyle.  He's an exceptional father, grandfather, husband, and an example of how all men should live life.

My dad recently passed away and his wish for everyone always was to "have fun".  I want to be reminded to have fun every chance I get.

You once said you felt your purpose in life was to be a great Dad. This is just a reminder to be the best Dad you can be to our two beautiful children.

Before my grandfather passed away, he wrote me a letter and signed it "God Speed". Since then, my dad and I have done our best to live by those words. This gift is to my dad, and one for me.

My dad taught me about PERSEVERANCE.  He modeled it for me in his work ethic. He told me about it in his "lessons" (lectures, haha) on studying and trying my best. It has been a tough year for him and I want to remind him that he is loved and he will persevere.  Happy Father's Day Dad!!

My father's name, who passed away a few months ago. His name in Arabic also means happy. And that is exactly how he made people feel.

My dad has dedicated his life to making mine better. He's given me everything even when he has nothing. If that's not what a hero is, I don't know what is.

Mom and Dad divorced when I was a young child.
But, no matter what he would come pick us girls up and spend quality time!
He would either take us to the park or the lake or bowling...
He never made us feel like a burden or he had to do this!
He was and is an awesome Father!
He is always there for us no matter what !
He is the best Dad I could have ever had wanted!
I always felt LOVED! And I mattered !