This project started by giving - a lot of bracelets!  I had just moved to LA and was seeking community and positivity.  I started hosting events that involved yoga, meditation, singing, and painting.  We would also setup a table with a kit for making intention bracelets.  Asking each other "What's Your WORD?" anchored a meaningful and positive tone for the gatherings.

Then my friend and actress Torrey Devitto asked if we would make bracelets at her charity event for orphans with HIV in Africa.  I found 3 friends who volunteered with me and we raised over $2,500 in 3 hours!

Next, we were invited to share the power of intention with kids who were homeless and living at the Union Rescue Mission in Skid Row downtown Los Angeles.  I still remember how touched this girl was when she got her bracelet with "HOPE" on it - "cause you gotta have hope in this situation."

Eventually I could not keep up with all the requests so I had to hire friends to help make pieces.  To maximize impact, I wanted to keep costs low - so we started in my friend's living room, and eventually moved to a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Since then, we've supported many charities, including $50,000 to the Shawn Carter Foundation (Jay-Z's charity providing education to under-privileged kids) and many scholarships to the Hoffman Process (personal growth retreat).  The "scf educate" is the bracelet I made for Jay-Z that led to a lot of exposure for the project.  The "GOALS" photo is from day 1 of my retreat at the Hoffman, which inspires a lot of our work.

We started by giving, and continue to donate time, energy, and resources to many people and organizations.

I want to take the next step where we formally commit to donating a bracelet to someone in need for each bracelet sold.  We're working out the details with shelters and inner city schools in LA, and please stay tuned as we will be expanding the program.

Here are a couple of programs to help you GIVE the Gift of Intent to your community:

1) We've extended our Black Friday Special until Friday where you can get up to 50% off for a year by purchasing a gift card.

2) Maker Kit so you can experience the magic of making a bracelet for a loved one.

If you combine the 2 programs above, you can give or fundraise with tie-on bracelets for $1 each or classic bracelets for $2.50 each!!!

Imagine a world where we are all living more intentionally, with more kindness and purpose.  Thank you for being a part of the project and we are excited to see what we can create together through giving.  #GivingTuesday