Maker Profile: Patti Turner

Meet MyIntent Certified Maker Patti Turner from New Jersey
in her own words


Why did you decide to become a MyIntent Maker?

As soon as I saw “What’s Your WORD?” I was instantly attracted to the concept. In my spare time I write novels and blog about being a labor & delivery nurse, so “words” are right up my alley. I became a Certified MyIntent Maker as soon as it was available to do so on the MyIntent website.
I got my kit and started to talk about the purpose and vision to my coworkers, friends, and family. I brought my kit to family gatherings and made bracelets for all the adults and kids. Everyone wore them and told other people about it. In the early spring, I saw an ad for a street fair nearby and thought “people here would love this!”. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, I had a small business, a vendor tent, tables, banners, displays, sales tax authority, etc. I’ve since done several fairs and festivals – the sponsors thought it was such a “different” take on the usual goods.


What impact have you had as a Maker on your friends, family, and community? 

Being a Maker, wearing my WORD(s), and asking others “What’s Your WORD?” has had a significant impact on a number of lives. So many people drift along, one day to the next, and never think about what is important to them. Simply being present and asking questions has a huge impact. I love it when I see eyes widen in realization of their WORDs. I’ve met many people in need of support. Talking to them and guiding them in discovering the WORD they need to move forward in their lives is so rewarding!

This past summer, I was a vendor at a street fair in the Jersey shore area and a woman and her teenage son came in my booth. The woman asked me what MyIntent was about and while we were chatting, she told me a story involving a bad divorce, illness and death in the family, and how she and her son felt lost in finding a way through this tough time. Her son chose the WORDs “LIVE” and “SERENITY”. They were so happy for the chance to talk openly about what they were going through and felt empowered by their new intention bracelets. Fast forward 3 month to October, I pitched my tent in the same town for Harvest Fest. The woman and her son saw me and stopped in, showing me the “WORDs” they were still wearing and thanking me for helping them change their lives. They were both smiling and bubbly – such a difference from the sadness a few short months ago.This, I thought, is why I do this.

Being a Maker is such a rewarding experience! Picking a WORD yourself, living with intention, and focusing on positivity is a life changing event that must be shared!




Do you sell for yourself and/or fundraise for any charities or do events?

I gift pieces to my family and friends and I sell MyIntent products at street fairs, festivals, juried art shows, and on my website. From the juried shows I received invitations to other events from people who saw me at work activating intentions.

Selling in these venues allows me to earn enough to participate in charitable events. Last month, I ran a special on “Teal for Ovarian Cancer” bracelets, donating proceeds to Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation in memory of my best friend who passed from ovarian cancer ten years ago. I also wrote about this on my nursing blog and my MyIntent blog.

This month I’m participating in a fundraiser for breast cancer survivors –  a yoga event, called “Reach for the Cure” with all proceeds donated to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation. Also in the works are fundraisers for a 14 year old girl with a brain tumor, an event for underprivileged high school girls in Elizabeth, NJ, and also an event for a junior girl scout troop. 



What is the story behind the current WORD you are wearing?

My WORD(s) is “NO REGRETS”. Far too often, people wait until it is too late to tell a loved one how they feel, or to do the things on their bucket list. As a nurse, as a daughter to elderly parents, and as a witness to so many “what ifs” in the lives around me, I knew that I wanted to live with no regrets. I tell my loved ones how much I love them, I avoid negativity and try always to turn a conversation to the positive, and I do the things I feel are important. One of those things is activating intentions and connecting with so many people who discover it is also exactly what they needed.


What is your favorite part of being a Maker?

Talking to people! Connecting on a level with strangers that you would not dream of otherwise! If I can help even one person, change perspective in even one life, then I will have done what I set out to do. Oh, and I LOVE it when they get so excited about their WORD that they photograph or video me stamping the letters.


Have you discovered any tips and tricks that may be helpful to other Makers?

Just get out there. Talk to people. It gets easier and easier, then comes naturally as you practice. Don’t worry about being perfect, or making the perfect piece. Do the best you can and people will love it. But do it because you want to be a Maker, not just for the sake of making money. It feels good to be able to make enough to cover expenses and have some left to do charitable events. Participate in the Facebook discussion for Makers and help other new Makers find their way.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

One of the highlights of being a Maker was meeting with some of the MyIntent team in New York City. They inspired me to be the best Maker I could be!

If you would like to find out more about Patti Turner check out her website.

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