The Wedding Proposal

Maker Kelly G. fell in LOVE - in love with her faith, the love of her life, and the power of her intentions. Read all about her journey from sharing her intention with her church community to sharing a lifetime with a special little token.

Her Maker Journey begins at her church and a couple of bracelets. She shares, “2 years ago, a minister in my local church gave them away when I ran across a church member facing a difficult time, and I fell in love with MyIntent bracelets when I purchased 2 to 3 to remind me of my goals at the time. Then a year ago, I requested the Maker Kit from my then boyfriend. I jumped the gun and purchased it on my own instead of waiting for my birthday when he was originally going to purchase it for me. As an event planner, I was planning to give the MyIntent bracelets to the guests at my annual Prayer & Tea Brunch.”

"He carried two boxes, one had a MyIntent token stamped WILL YOU MARRY ME? The next box he had was my engagement ring."

She may have jumped the gun on purchasing her Maker Kit, but her boyfriend had the ultimate surprise up his sleeve. Kelly shares her engagement story, “Not quite sure how my fiancé pulled it off! Martha's Vineyard has been on my bucket list, but we never had a chance to visit until last year. We had visited 6 weeks prior to my birthday weekend for the first time and I fell in love. Then we planned a trip to Martha's Vineyard for my birthday weekend. My parents, aunt, uncle, nephew, older sister, best friend, close church friends, his sisters all joined us on the birthday trip. Without knowing what was in store for me, I had one goal on the island - to ride a rental bike to the lighthouse! After 6 bicyclists and a great view, we made our way to the lighthouse 5 miles later. My fiancé walked me to the beach side of the lighthouse alone and got down on one knee. He carried two boxes, one had a MyIntent token stamped "Will you marry me?" The next box he had was my engagement ring. He used my MyIntent Maker to stamp the token and kept it a secret from everyone. It was lovely!”

Kelly and her Fiance decided to gift their wedding guests bracelets with KEEP PRAYING and DREAMS COME TRUE. Kelly shares the power of prayer in her life“Most of my accomplishments come from long time praying. I am not even sure where I would be if I did not believe the power and worth of prayer works. I wanted to spread the same intention to my guests.”

For DREAMS COME TRUE, Kelly tells the story of how she and her fiancé met, “I am a big hopeless romantic. I call my fiancé "Dreams Come True." I met my fiancé, May 2019, at his best friend's site visit as I was the wedding planner. My fiancé and I had mutual friends, attended the same high school, grew-up in the same community, and never remember crossing one another's path. I called our mutual friend, now known as 'Matchmaker,' and asked who this man was. I let her know I had a series of three dreams about him. 1) We were out, but he did not have a face. 2) We went on a date and had an amazing time. Still no face. 3) We were on another date but this time my fiancé's face was shown. I let the "Matchmaker" know she had to connect us, and she responded, ‘how do you not know who he is?' LOL. She put a little birdie in his ear, and we set up a meet up on June 4, 2019, and the rest is history.”

As LOVE and FAITH as the foundation, Kelly G, continues to spread her intentions with her community and empowering them to lead their life with intention.