From Volunteering to Fundraising

Inspired, creative, and so generous, seventh-grade Maker Callie B. has been taking her extra time to raise money for her local soup kitchen! Read about her Maker journey and how she’s raising money for Mercy Soup Kitchen.

After volunteering at Mercy Soup Kitchen with her temple, Callie wanted to create an even greater impact in her local community. She shares why she became a MyIntent Maker, “This has been a difficult year for everyone with so many changes, and it is important for everyone to feel that their intention still matters. I decided to become a MyIntent Maker because I wanted to take part in the MyIntent mission and spread positivity into this world. I wanted to give back to my community, and I think this is the perfect way.”

The Mercy Soup Kitchen is a team of volunteers who cook and serve over 100 free, hot meals each day to the homeless, disabled, elderly, children, and low income communities in their town. They share on their website, “No questions are asked of our guests. All who come to us are served with dignity and respect. Almost all the food served is donated by local 7–Elevens, bakeries, restaurants, markets, and community groups, or obtained through annual grants from L. I. Cares and Island Harvest.”  

With a Maker Kit in hand, Callie is on a mission to spread hope and love in more ways than one! Each person who donates to her GoFundMe page will receive their WORD, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Mercy Soup Kitchen, and Callie will be gifting each volunteer a HERO bracelet for giving their time, love, and care to feeding the community each day. Callie shares, “When I work with people to find their word it makes me incredibly happy. It feels absolutely amazing when I help my community, and I love what I am doing.” She has raised over $1,800 for Mercy Soup Kitchen over the last month! 

Sometimes we choose the WORD, and sometimes the WORD finds us. Callie shares, “I am actually wearing two words. I originally was making myself the word IMPACT, and I messed up on the bracelet. I did “IP” instead of “IM”. I changed the “P” into an R. Next, I added more letters and made it into GIRL POWER. I believe by being a MyIntent Maker I am making an IMPACT on the world. I also believe that girls can do anything they want to do and GIRL POWER should be promoted everywhere.”  

What IMPACT will you have in your community?

Callie’s Maker Pro-tip: “1. It won't be perfect, but remember "pobody's nerfect!" and 2. My google sheet is really helpful, and I have programmed it to automatically show how much money I have raised, my inventory. It is super easy to enter in orders with drop down menus with everything I need to type.”