Take the "I Will" Challenge & manifest what you want this year!

You remember that saying "What you think about you bring about"? Thoughts become actions which in turn become our reality. What's that mean? It means thoughts & words matter. So this year, let's challenge ourselves to be kinder and more gentle not only to others, but kinder and more gentle in the way we treat and speak to ourselves.
The new year is synonymous with goal-setting and making room for improvement in our lives. When you make improvements in your life, however big or small, this is an act of kindness to yourself. In turn, you invite positive change into other areas of your life and relationships. Because when you do good, you feel good.

Research shows that when you write down and vocalize your goals or the things you want in life, you are more likely to manifest them into actual reality.

In the spirit of setting intentions for this promising year ahead, we invite you to take the "I Will" Challenge! It's quick and easy. Simply finish the following sentence in as many or few WORDs as possible. Be sure to write out your completed sentence on a piece of paper:

This year, I will _____________.

Now, say the full sentence aloud. You might not be aware of it, but just from writing down and vocalizing what you desire for your future, you have already greased those wheels of change and they're ready to be put in motion toward your goal!
What WORD would summarize your goal or want?
What WORD would help you get there?
What WORD would remind you of your goal daily?


Customize a bracelet, necklace, or keychain with your WORD and you’ll be on your way to manifesting what you want in 2019! Grab one of our 2 Packs so you can customize a WORD with a friend and cheer each other on in accomplishing those goals! Create your WORD here


 Check out the following "I Will" declarations and get inspired to create your new year WORD! If you're moved by one of the statements below, save it to your phone (by screenshot) or save it to your desktop computer (right click + save) then share it to social media to inspire friends!