How to celebrate LOVE with your closest pals!

Research has shown that friendship can be one of the most important factors contributing to our overall health and happiness. That is why we’d like to share a fun idea on how to celebrate the “month of love” with your closest pals!
Host a day or night time gathering at your place and maybe even make it a potluck! Because some of our most memorable moments are spent sharing a homemade meal with people you love.
Go around the room and share your favorite self care practices. Whether it’s taking a walk outside, curling up with a good book, or taking time to enjoy a facial and some retail therapy, self care is important to being your best self. Have fun discussing all the ways to  let off steam and relax in the company of your closest companions. It’s good for you! 
Have fun bonding and learning even more about your friends by taking turns asking and answering questions from our deck of 33 meaningful questions cards! Their answers might surprise you!
Studies have shown there are many health benefits to eating dark chocolate as it is a good source of antioxidants and may even lower blood pressure. So go ahead and treat yourself and your friends to a tasty chocolate treat everyone will enjoy!
A little home entertainment can of course add to the fun! Enjoy a fun comedy to make everyone laugh, or get brainy together and learn about something new by watching a documentary or an inspirational Ted Talk!
 WORDs from the Heart
Use a MyIntent bracelet making kit, ask them for their WORD, and hand stamp a bracelet or necklace as a way of thanking them for their friendship, love, and for being a special part of your life.