"Giving someone permission to express declaration over their life..."

It’s always a little scary to follow our dreams, to put ourselves out there, and to go into the unknown. Sometimes, we find a community along the way to support us and to keep us grounded. Sometimes, we end up creating our own tribe to create a community with! We would love to introduce Jane Jourdan, Founder of Fit for Broadway! She has created a community of mindfulness and wellness for those seeking to make it on the big stage! We are so excited to share with you her story and some inspiration if you are looking to give back to your community

In Her own WORDs:
Can you tell us about Fit for Broadway?
 Over the years, Fit for Broadway has evolved into a community conversation about how high performing individuals practice wellness. Our feature interviews highlight wellness micro-narratives. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of voices expanding the meaning of “Fit for Broadway”. The heartbeat is the undergraduate workshops focus on building healthy lifestyle practices to better prepare students for post-graduate stability and success.
Can you explain how you have used MyIntent pieces at Fit for Broadway?   
We initially introduced MyIntent at an event we hosted with Lululemon. The goal of the evening was to bridge the gap between industry professionals and aspiring performers and facilitate an experience to promote movement and conversation about wellness. That was 4 years ago, maybe. Since, we’ve integrated the MyIntent bracelets into each Fit for Broadway Workshop. Each student sets an intention for their experience.

What has been the impact of this initiative? What is your favorite part of being a Maker?
Giving someone a gift already elicits so much joy but to see someone’s reaction when they get to pick their word… it’s so meaningful. Giving someone permission in any capacity to express declaration over their life is really powerful. It’s not dissimilar from when you experience a yoga or meditation teacher who invites you to set your own intention in class, for example. It’s so freeing and energetically, creates a lot of openness for the experience ahead. When you literally engrave the word in a tangible object, it reinforces their intention and connection to the experience.

Share the story behind the current WORD you are wearing.
SAFE. I chose this word in September of 2018 when I was facilitating Fit for Broadway workshops at a high volume both in terms of quantity as well as the amount of students in each session. I wanted to focus in on the root of the experience and an idea to ground me and the students. Essentially, everything I do through Fit for Broadway is to facilitate a safe space for people to explore their body and mind. Safe doesn’t necessarily mean constantly joyful or happy. Of course, we are all seeking joy but moments of joy are fleeting, and we have to be willing to go through periods of discomfort to really understand the fullness of life. Safe should feel neutral. It’s not happy or difficult or hard or easy, it’s just a feeling of safety that you are OK…through it all. I share this idea of “safe stress” as a way to encourage people to practice discomfort in a way that conditions our mind and body to deal with stress and anxiety more effectively. I’m still crystalizing my own philosophy of “safe”, but it’s definitely at the core of the Fit for Broadway workshop experience and what I hope to share in a broader capacity.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I’d love to share something I’m studying and working on right now: Listening. Active listening is a real skill and experiencing someone who does it well is rare. I’ll share a passage from a book I’m reading that’s been helpful for me.

“While many of us may think of being a good listener like being a sponge that accurately absorbs what the other person is saying, what these findings show is that instead, good listeners are like trampolines: You can bounce ideas off of them, and rather than absorbing your ideas and energy, they amplify, energize, and clarify your thinking. They make you feel better not be merely passively absorbing, but by actively supporting. This lets you gain energy and height, just like a trampoline.” *

So I’m committing to being a human trampoline from here on out!
*passage from “What Great Listeners Actually Do” by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman

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