Stories that MOVE: Believe

From becoming a runner to post surgery to new births, we are so honored to share powerful stories of when You BELIEVED in yourself this year. 
Changing your body and your mind: 
I have been doing a couch to 5k running program but didn’t feel like a runner until I passed someone on a trail and they called out to their kids ahead who were playing on the trail that a runner was coming and that was the first moment I thought that yes I am a runner!!! - tlwalt99
When I hit 100 lbs lost this year, for the first time I believed I could hit my goal weight. I will do it. - giovanna816
Because it's worth it: 
When I was hospitalized in July for depression. I realized that I wanted to live and experience all that life has to offer. I knew that it would be hard to get to where I needed to be, but it would be worth it. My niece was born a month later and has given me a new meaning to life! She is my biggest inspiration. - sejones871
When taking a risk and applying for a new job at the company I currently work for, and eventually getting the job! At the time, I was only working there for 6 months, and applying for a different (better) position was practically a death sentence. But, I had courage and I believed in my abilities to fulfill this other position, and I was promoted! I haven’t even been working there for a year yet, and I’m making huge career moves because I believed in myself. - crftygrrrl
This year I Truly BELIEVED in myself when I was able to forgive those who have hurt me. I believe that if I was able to forgive those who hurt me I was more powerful than I thought. - sherrynicole
Going into the unknown with an open heart: 
I believed in myself this year after having my hysterectomy at age 26, I knew I had the strength in me to get through not only the surgery but the recovery - ladieswithanxiety

When I was pregnant with my second child. I wanted so badly to have a natural VBAC, after a scheduled c-section with my first. My doctors didn’t want me to ‘risk’ it, but I knew with every fiber of my being that I could do it. I’ve never in my life had such confidence in myself or a situation. And I did it! After a super brief labor...maybe 6 hours, our Nora was born completely natural completely by me! I believed I could, and I did!!!  - themattssons

When i helped my daughter give birth to her first child. Delivery of him was the most magnificent thing ive done!! I had to believe!!! - jm_east

When my mother and best friend, became super sick and I didn’t think I would be able to handle taking care of them. But I did it and here to be grateful at how things turned out. Thought I couldn’t do it but we all came out stronger! - tinacos

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