Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition with MyIntent's Maker Kit

Thanksgiving is just next week! In the frenzy of planning out the family get together, Friendsgiving, or making an epic Thanksgiving feast, we wanted to slow down and share some holiday traditions. With traditions spanning from childhood to creating new traditions, we hope that you find a little inspiration and a lot of love from these stories!

In their Own WORDs: 

Friends, Football, and Faith
One of my favorite holiday traditions was getting together with alumni from our church youth group for our annual Turkey Bowl football game. It was one of the few times a year we all gathered back in our hometown of Cincinnati, OH, and our Turkey Bowl brought us together for some friendly competition and fellowship.  Our community has now moved all across the US so we don’t get to see each other as much anymore, but remembering the good times still brings a smile and joyous memories.
- Dave P.
Making Space for the Feast
In my teenage years, I started a family “Turkey day trot” tradition with my Aunt Sonya, and anyone else who wanted to join us. We would go run (or walk) around the nearby high school’s track field and talk about all sorts of things. It was a great way to burn some calories to make room for the delicious feast that was to ensue! It was a fun, active way to bond with family and get some fresh air and sunshine before giving thanks together. Now that I’m older and my family all lives in different places, I still get my exercise before the holiday gathering by fitting in a nature hike, or joining in a community race for a good cause.
- Shanoa G.
Peace and Healing
I’m actually going to use the MyIntent Maker Kit to bring my family some much needed PEACE and, more importantly, bring us back together as the family we were made to be. We unfortunately have had some difficulties over the past almost 2 years within our family which has sadly divided us in unimaginable, and very painful, ways. I hope and pray using this new tradition will be the bridge that connects our family once again!
- Amy P.
Gratitude and Gifts at Grandma's
My family and I have a few Thanksgiving traditions. The first one that comes to mind is gathering at my grandparents house. We would all get together (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents ect.) in a big circle and hold hands before dinner. My uncle Dan would start out by leading us in a prayer. Afterwards, we would go around the circle and share one thing we are grateful for, such as being together with family, loving friends, and good health. Coming up with my own gratitude list and hearing others express their gratitude seemed to instantly lift the energy of the room. Secondly, since my birthday is November 28th and my family was already together, we would celebrate after dinner with a birthday cake and presents.
- Valerie R.
Stories for the Generations
Cooking our feast together and playing board games is a family tradition I always look forward to any time our whole family reunites. We love being in the kitchen, cooking or snacking ;), and passing stories of our family from one generation to another. After dinner, “the parents” would sit around the table and catch up while drinking tea. All of my cousins and I would play an intense game of Cranium, and as our family grows with a new generation to add to our games, it’s pretty amazing to be able to pass down our love and playfulness to them.
- Annie T.
Something New
I am SO excited to start this as a new tradition this Thanksgiving. I am sending some pre-work materials to all the guests ahead of time to “get them thinking.” Then we are going to have a "What’s Your WORD?" session before the meal and I am going to make everyone’s bracelets after the dinner. So excited to start this!
- Jackie M.
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