We love sharing stories from other small business owners who find unique ways to connect and inspire their clients! Ivy T. works with High School Seniors as a photographer for their Senior Pictures and gifts her seniors a MyIntent bracelet after their sessions! Read how Ivy T. has incorporated MyIntent into her Senior Photography Business as a memorable gift for these seniors!

Ivy stamping a bracelet using the stamping base from 2016

"When I work with high school seniors, it is very personable. We meet in person and plan their session with a parent. The seniors fill out a form where they answer several questions that help me to learn even more about them. On their questionnaire, I ask them for a WORD of intention. This question comes after a handful of insightful questions that has already helped them to open up and think about things in a little more depth. I’m always blown away at their insightfulness and the WORDs they chose. These are the future makers, and I love that they share their WORDs willingly. I can give them something no one else has that's made just for them, and that is special."

What are the WORDs that serve as reminders for this incredible entrepreneur? "My WORDs are RESILIENCE and AUTHENTIC. RESILIENCE is partly for a reminder to stand strong but also to remind me that I have already withstood many challenges and bounced back stronger, better, and wiser. I also have AUTHENTIC. The combination of personal doubt and social media influences can easily sway just about anyone off course, a little peek at my wrist and a meditative moment with my heart will always remind me to steer true to what I believe in most." 

How can you bring something special to your business?

Ivy’s Maker Pro-Tip: Gift from the heart. Pound the hammer three times after you have triple checked you are lined up and in the right spot. Give up perfectionism.

Feeling inspired?

Here are some awesome ways other Makers have used their Kit for every occasion! 

Mindful way to Fundraise

Different from your standard bake sales and car washes, creating a tangible reminder for someone to help them move forward in their lives or to achieve their goals is a powerful experience in addition to the funds raised! 

Unique Team Building Tool

Whether you’re a manager looking to rally your team or a leader looking for ways to build a tight-knit group, MyIntent's What's Your WORD? process is the perfect catalyst to start a meaningful conversation with your team. 

Unity while Apart

As life would have it, there was no time to create this project at Ripon High School until the whole world halted. Jill states, “When COVID hit it really put things into perspective. It was a time to reflect on what is important, how to heal as a person and society, find a new normal, and ultimately balance in chaos. It was the right time to start this project.”