Causes and Community

Sometimes starting a new journey will lead you to unexpected places, and ignite unexpected passions just like Maker Jan Stoll! Starting with the intention of bringing mindfulness to her workplace, her Maker journey has brought her back in touch with her community and her creativity as she joins a local fundraiser helping families battle cancer!

“My inspiration is my mother. She is a very generous soul and says what you give out will always come back in some form.”

With her mother’s wisdom in her heart, Jan shares, “One thing is I never leave home without a stash of bracelets in my purse. I try to brighten acquaintances and strangers with kind words. I leave the bracelets to gift in restaurants, picking up pizza, grocery store, gas station etc. Recently we had a hotel stay and needed more towels and left these for room service. It is amazing to me how such a small gesture can make an impact on someone’s day. If it turns into a longer discussion about MyIntent and meaning, I usually pass them another bracelet with the opportunity and intention to pay it forward.”

Jan’s generosity doesn’t extend just to those around her, but in other ways all around her community. Jan started getting involved with various fundraisers like Living Proof Together. Being unable to gather in public spaces like they normally would, Jan shares, “That’s when social media, porch pick-ups, and being creative came into play for raising funds.”

Living Proof Together Foundation began with the understanding that cancer is expensive and is the number one disease to bankrupt a family. Each year LPT raises money to help ease the financial burden of one family battling cancer.

This year, Jan is in charge of a group of young girls who are raising money for one person in the community who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. When they reached their fundraising goals of $1000, these cancer crusaders created "bracelets for the family and Millie to give to her hospital heroes.” 

Jan’s Maker Pro-Tip: My best tip for fellow makers is to use your social media platform. Be inspired by what others are doing and encourage them. If you are finding your passion with your kit - share it, so we can all benefit from this experience. Most of all just be a good listener.

What cause is close to your heart?