Unity Apart

During this time, we are grateful for the opportunity to slow down, be present, and recenter ourselves to what truly brings purpose and joy in our lives. Maybe this is the perfect time to start on that project that you’ve been putting off for months, just like Maker and School Activities Director Jill M. Inspired by her bracelet and by MyIntent’s mission to be a catalyst for meaningful conversation and positive action, she was determined to bring the MyIntent activity to her school! Read how Jill and Ripon High School are finding connection and inspiration together as they navigate a new normal. 

As life would have it, there was no time to create this project at Ripon High School until the whole world halted. Jill states, “When COVID hit it really put things into perspective. It was a time to reflect on what is important, how to heal as a person and society, find a new normal, and ultimately balance in chaos. It was the right time to start this project.” Over the summer, she reached out to some students that have been an inspiration on campus, helped them find their WORD, and created a video to share when school was back in session. Excitedly, she shares, “Our goal was to show that even though we are not together right now, we are united as a school through the power of believing in ourselves and the WORD that represents our core values.”

As the school year continued, more students were inspired to find their WORD. Jill remembers, “It was lovely to see the WORDs that are the core to students, teachers, my principal, and community members who have joined this project. Some students and I have had chats about what their WORD would be and how it represents them. It is powerful to watch them process and reflect on who they are and what they ultimately want to be as a person.” With each new student finding their WORD, it is a moment to BREATHE and to connect in love, support, and unity as a school. 

So, how are you staying connected with your loved ones while being apart this Fall? 

Jill's Maker Pro-Tip: Take is slow. Do a few at a time, walk away and come back. When there is a lot to make, it can be difficult on the hands and ears. I have also found that I do a lot of deep breathing while making them. There is a peace that overcomes my body while reflecting the word that I making for someone knowing it brings a spark of joy to their life. 

Her roles as an activities director, mother, and wife are constantly pulling her attention, and her bracelet serves as a reminder to BREATHE, come back to the present moment, and show gratitude, love and kindness in any situation.

"My WORD is INSPIRE. I believe the best quality a person can have is not only to fulfill our own goals but also to empower others to do the same. In hard times, we must listen to each other and give inspiration to each other, and cause change."
- David W.

"My happiness is my own PERSPECTIVE. I want to view the relationships and different situations in my life all as something that added to my life."
- Kate V. 

"My WORD is RESILIENT because I want to be able to learn from my failures and not put myself down for it. I want to develop mental strength through the obstacles I face."
- Anthony S.

"My WORD is UNIQUE to be true to myself and to be an example for others."
- Zoe B.

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