Maker Kit Thanksgiving

The holiday season is just around the corner!

Thanksgiving is one of our most favorite times of year. It's a time to gather with loved ones, share a meal, holiday traditions, and - most of all - gratitude. This year, create mindful connections, set intentions, and have an unforgettable celebration with the people who mean the most! 

Whether your gathering is in-person or virtual, creating personalized MyIntent bracelets as a group activity is a hit at any party and a unique way to bring people together!  



Create a plan with the people you'll be celebrating with. Mention in your plans that you will be making personalized MyIntent bracelets as a group activity. Get your guests excited to start thinking of their WORD!

Feel free to include this Today Show feature about MyIntent so they have some background on the activity:  

Thanksgiving Day

During your gathering, set aside time for your guests to find or define their WORD.

Whether you are connecting with your loved ones before or after dinner, here are tips from our founder, Chris Pan, on how to help someone find Their WORD.

Tip: To help your guests find their WORD, start with these 3 warm-up questions:

What virtue do you want more of?

What is a challenge you want to overcome?

What are you passionate about and want to spend more time on?

Play the Questions Cards! Did you know that you can also use the Question Cards included with your Maker Kit to start meaningful conversations and help your guests to open up about their greatest intentions.

Tip: For sit-down gatherings like Thanksgiving, we suggest placing one card face-down at each place-setting so that the guests can take turns answering and discussing their question.

The MyIntent Questions Cards are designed to be "thought-starters" - some may lead to a WORD, some may not. However, encourage your party to listen as others share their answers and to note any central themes that come up for them regarding what they want to work on, manifest, or let go of.

Remind your guests that their WORD is a powerful reminder to stay focused on their goals. As they respond to the questions, encourage them notice the words that continually emerge as central themes. Tell them to pick one or two of those words to focus on for the present moment. To help them narrow down their list of words, you may need to ask follow-up questions like: why? how? or "what are the barriers?"

Once your guests have found their WORDs, you're ready to stamp!

Stamp each guest's WORD onto a token for them to take home and wear as a daily reminder of their greatest goals and intentions!

OR let your guests stamp their own WORDs using this stamping placemat. Click below to download: