Find Their WORD

When you gift a MyIntent piece, you’re not just giving them a bracelet - you’re describing someone with a WORD that represents their strongest qualities.

Choosing a WORD for someone else is a special process as it allows you to reflect on what that person means to you.

Who in your life could use a WORD of intention? What WORD mirrors the strength that you see in them? What WORD lets them know that you’re their biggest cheerleader?

Take our WORD Finder Quiz! Instead of taking the quiz as "yourself," think about how the person you want to give a WORD to might answer each question.

At the end of the quiz, you'll see a list of WORDs to choose from!

Take The Quiz

Looking for more inspiration?

Read below for more ideas on how to find the perfect WORD for someone you love:

Acknowledge Their Strength

Maybe the person you’re thinking of has had to face many challenges recently.

Has it been a difficult year for them? Have they recently experienced loss? Are they working to get past difficult obstacles?

To help encourage them during these difficult times, think about what might help them feel strong enough to keeping pushing forward:

Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Maybe you want to acknowledge a milestone or accomplishment that they’re celebrating.

Did they recently graduate? Get their dream job? Publish a passion project? Get married? Start a family? Move into a new house?

For the person who is celebrating a positive life event, consider gifting them a WORD that highlights their victory: 

Honor Their Personal Growth

What about those who are embarking on a journey of self love and reflection?

Are they wanting to reconnect with themselves? Let go of toxic patterns? Focus on setting personal goals? Find a better balance between work and their personal life?

For those who are looking to do the inner work, gift them a WORD that highlights self-growth:

Mark The Start of a New Journey

Let’s talk about the adventure-seekers.

Do they love to travel? Are they embracing a new beginning? Are they always searching to dive into something new?

Here are some WORDs to remind them of their passion for life:

Highlight Their Impact

Acknowledge the impact of the people who are making strides to change the world!

Are they active members in the community? Do they consistently strive to make the world a better place? Are they using their voice to stand up for positive change?

For someone who is taking the world by storm, consider gifting them a WORD as powerful as they are:

Describe Their Personality

Sometimes, the most meaningful gift can be a reflection of what that person means to you.

How do they make you feel? What are their best qualities? What comes to mind when you hear their name?

For someone who has played a monumental role in your life, honor them with a WORD that describes how you see them or a virtue that they carry: