Giving with MyIntent

How do you show kindness?

Are you looking for new ways to give back during the holidays? Use your MyIntent Maker Kit to make an impact in your community!

Start by noting the people in your life and your community who have made an impact in your life.

Whether it's an organization, a community leader, teachers, mentors, family members, or friends - identify those silent heroes and recognize them with a WORD of encouragement.

As we we enter the season of giving, we wanted to highlight some ways to use your MyIntent Maker Kit to give back to the community:


Stamp bracelets to bring with you while you’re out and about! Many of our Makers have shared inspiring stories about donating or gifting bracelets to people that they've met in their communities. 

Whether you keep extra bracelets in your purse to give to a stranger or you stamp bracelets for an organization that supports a specific cause that's resonates with you - join in on the fun during this season of giving! 

Check out some of the incredible ways that our Makers have given back to their community:


Have some extra bracelets you've stamped and want to say thanks to an organization working on a cause you support?

Consider donating some of your most powerful WORDs to your favorite organizations. This could be hospitals, shelters, local causes, environmental groups, rescue centers...etc.

As a Maker, you can donate your MyIntent pieces (without any exchange of money) to the organization of your choice! Donate bracelets directly or put together an "intentional" gift bag with a Thank You note, a deck of MyIntent Question Cards, and your bracelets!

When you donate your bracelets, explain the purpose and Mission of MyIntent: 

"MyIntent Project Is A Catalyst For Meaningful Conversations And Positive Action. We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. We are not a jewelry company - we are a service project."

After donating your MyIntent pieces, inform the organization that they can either give the bracelets away to their volunteers/employees or sell them to raise money for their cause. 


Fundraising is an amazing way to help support the organizations that are close to your heart. When it comes to fundraising with your Maker Kit, you can stamp bracelets, sell them, and donate proceeds to charities or organizations that you’re raising money for.

To learn more about fundraising with MyIntent, view successful examples of Makers who have raised funds, or learn about how to become a Certified Maker, check out our Fundraising Page: