The Perfectly Imperfect

Throughout your Maker journey, you might find that you've started a collection of oops tokens. These are the tokens with the misspellings, the backwards E, the upside down A, or the double-stamped W.

However, what we tend to think of as irreversible mistakes might actually mean something valuable to the recipient you're stamping for. Similarly, what you initially view as an oops can become a new creation entirely. 

The key is to not overthink it. Just like each of us, each piece is perfectly imperfect - embrace these imperfections.

Click below to listen to MyIntent Founder Chris Pan as he talks about the Maker Mindset:

Sometimes, there will be an oops that you can't fix - and that's ok! Never be too hard on yourself - this is a journey.

But what can you do with your perfectly imperfect tokens?

How can you embrace their imperfections?

View the examples below to see how you can transform your imperfect tokens into something new that still aligns with MyIntent's mission to catalyze meaningful conversations.

New Creations

Get creative! The sky is the limit.

Whether you'll be keeping these creations for yourself, giving them as gifts, or donating them, you can recycle and repurpose your oops tokens and create something beautiful.