Power of Intention: Circle of LOVE

In honor of PRIDE month, we are spotlighting Wendell and Steven, a beautiful couple whose journey to their big day was intentional every step of the way. 

Here is their journey in their own WORDs: 

We got married on our 10th year together and chose the wedding theme of "Circle of Love".  The number "10" and the "circle" both represents infinity, completeness, timelessness and God.  The circle was represented in the setup of our ceremony, our wedding bands and the intention bracelets. We selected the bracelets because "intention" is directly aligned with how we met, dated, and live.  We dated for a year with the intention of getting to know one another and living the rest of our lives together:  This intention was "our commitment" to one another because we could not legally get married.  The intention bracelets were a perfect accessory to our day.    

 Thank you, Wendell & Steven! 

Special shoutout to Iris Films and Bobby Thornton Photographic Artistry for capturing such a beautiful day!