How to Reset Your Intention

We’ve made to the half way point of the year! By this point in the year, the fire of the intentions we set in January might be dying down. We want to take a moment to check-in, see how your intention is going for the year. We wanted to share just one way to do a little TLC and reset your intention for the rest of the year. Take a second, make some tea, and let’s see where we can go.

  1. Think back. Why is this intention so IMPORTANT to you?
  2. Really hone into what's keeping you from living your intention and WRITE IT OUT.
  3. Set a schedule and COMMIT to your own deadlines. Because YOU MATTER.
  4. Build SELF-CARE HABITS that keep you in balance.
  5. SET A GOAL that will keep you in line with your intention for the rest of the year. 

This is Annie T. sharing her journey, and how she reset her intention for an amazing rest of the year! In her own WORDs:  

Worrier into WARRIOR

In January, I made 1 big intention for 2018. My word of the year is WARRIOR. This means I get to face things I’ve never faced before such as putting myself out there socially and cultivating meaningful relationships. I have to admit that I am still allowing things to pile up in the back of my mind. No amount of cleaning, decluttering, exercising, meditation, or routine will clear that space out. At least not until I face it. I’m here to balance myself. Here is how I reset my intention and realign with my vision for 2018.


My Leuchttem1917 bullet journal and Black Bead Necklace

Dumping Anxiety

First, I did a brain dump. I sat down, put on my diffuser, and opened my journal. I took everything that was causing my anxiety and let it out on the page. I’m in a life transition with settling into a new career, going back to school, and stilling wanting to be a presentable human to society.

 It doesn’t look perfect, or even pretty for that matter. I just wanted it all out.

I reviewed what I wrote and found a common thread in what was causing my anxiety. I am worried about money…all the time. I live with my partner so naturally, we’ve split up the living expenses; however, financially it’s felt more like splitting costs with a college roommate. We had a really productive pow wow about how we would be looking at our finances, as a unit. Once everything was said and done, I asked myself this question, “Have I done all that I can at this point?” If I answered yes, then I let go of the subject until something needs to be done. If the answer is no, then I look at what else I can do. I did this with each contributing source of my anxiety. 

Schedule it out

The next biggest thing was life mapping the next 6 months. It’s a lot of projects happening at any given moment. I work in an office, but also a side hustle, plus I volunteer with a personal development program and have my own passion projects. I wrote down everything I needed to do to tie up any projects left on the table. Then I set myself due dates, “When will I finish all of my commitments?” Realistically meaning with everything that I have going on a daily basis, how much time can I commit to these projects? With the amount of time left, how can I prioritize and get everything done urgently and with passion. I’ve written down all the to dos, and I gave myself a deadline. Now, I ask myself the same question, “Have I done all I can for now?” Yes, I have done all that I can at this point.

Habits that Stick

I’m feeling pretty good now that things are starting to look organized. I look at all the habits I’ve been picking up that help keep my anxiety at bay. I’ve been meditating regularly, reading before bed, running at least 4x a week, and keeping my house clean. These are all small tasks, but they are actions that let out energy that I would otherwise use to throw myself into a mental tizzy. In my WARRIOR intention for the year, the relationship I have with myself is a big one I want to cultivate. Too long I’ve just thought the most awful things about myself. Things that I would never allow another person to say to my best friend. BOOM. I recognized that I was in an abusive relationship with myself.  If I’m allowing my own brain to do this, how can I ever have an open, honest, loving relationship with others? I found that as I keep up with these activities, those menacing thoughts didn’t have the same power they used to have. The person I was when those thoughts formed is not the person I am today. With everything that I just scheduled in my calendar for the next 6 months, I also made sure that I prioritize time for the activities I wanted for my own mental health.

Goal fit for a WARRIOR

NOW. It’s time for the juicy stuff. I asked myself these questions:

Is my vision for my future still the same?

Did I accomplish what I had set out to do already?

Is there deeper place I can explore with WARRIOR?

My word, WARRIOR, has two parts. The first part is about relationships. So far, I let out some of my biggest secrets to my family this year. I achieved my goals having an honest relationship with my mom. We are the same people, but our relationship is different. At least it feels different to me. Now it’s just practice and continuing to have this type of relationship with her.  The other half of WARRIOR means putting myself out there. Growing up, I wanted to be perfect. So, I made myself small to fit into the “perfect” box. I became smaller and smaller until I disappeared, and what was left was a person who was trying: trying to be polite, trying to be smart, trying but not succeeding because it was outside of myself. This is my year to be outrageously myself. I am a passionate person, and it’s a fire that I’ve kept largely to myself because I’ve been afraid that someone else would take it away. Pro tip: no one can take it away unless I let them.


We still have 6 months left of the year. Like that’s a loooong time and so much can happen. I gave myself a tangible goal to go with my intention. Something so big that I have no time to think about how I look or being self-conscious. This is the only way I can really live out my WARRIOR intention.

The very, very last thing is to rejuvenate my things. There’s nothing like getting a new notebook or a new piece as a reminder of an old intention. And, as I’ve heard countless times, the method that works, is the method that keeps you doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Revamping my intention, getting a couple new pieces, I can finish the year strong!


My new Dingbats bullet journal and Rose Gold Plated Dainty necklace.

May your reset be invigorating, compassionate, and most of all, FUN!