Air Force Wounded Warrior Team Building!

There is always a way to connect, even when we are apart from one another. Candace E. and her team in the Wellness and Resiliency (WAR) program have created a virtual way to serve the warriors and caregivers who are a part of the Air Force Wounded Warrior program. We are so honored to share her and her team’s story!

In their CARE classes, they use the question cards to help their warriors and caregivers find their WORD, “We use it in our classes with warriors, and we usually only have an hour, so using the questions cards from the Maker Kit as journaling prompts really gets them to do self reflection to find what their true WORD is. We ask them to write each question down and to really reflect on them and use these as journal prompts. Then they have all week to discover their word if they don’t find it during the class. After they journal, we take a few questions and get the group talking and engaging.”

“It’s always an exciting time when you help someone find their word,” says Candace as she reflects on how they help someone find their WORD. “In one class, a caregiver chose her word, but after she shared her testimony, with the class, we told her there was a theme that kept coming up, the word PURPOSE just kept popping up in her story and when we told her that, she was so excited and said, 'Yes! PURPOSE is my word!' She realized that the original one that she had thought she wanted was not the WORD that was most meaningful to her.” After their CARE classes, Candace and the WAR team create bracelets for the warriors and mails their custom WORD.  

Thank to our troops for serving with courage and love. We are so honored to be a part of the recovery process! It takes a lot of love and dedication that has been shown by Candace and her team at WAR and AFW2!

Meet the Wellness and Resiliency (WAR) Team: "Armando Franco a 30 year Army Veteran, Echo Best a 20 year Air Force Veteran, Jennifer Houghton who’s worked for The Dept of the Air Force for over 20 years, and myself. We all have a passion to help others. We strive to find things that we know will be a benefit to our population. All of our combined experience brings a wealth of knowledge that assists us in our mission."