Mother-Daughter Bonding with MyIntent

Quality time with our loved ones is precious, and we are so honored to highlight two sets of inspiring mother-daughter Makers. When Mckenna and Nichole, and our other fabulous duo, Kylie and Amy, purchased MyIntent Maker kits, they didn’t realize how much their relationships would deepen.

Both Mckenna (12) and Kylie (10) became certified Makers, selling their bracelets with the enthusiastic support of their moms, Nichole and Amy. When an order came in and each pair discussed the new word, magic happened. These talks were a genuine and heartfelt connection between Mom and daughter. “It’s helped us foster that connection with each other… As a mother and daughter we’re able to have deeper level conversations,” Nichole explained.

Her daughter Mckenna added, “Every Saturday when I get orders, I stamp them in the dining room. Mom sits and talks with me about things that are going on. It makes me really close with her.”

With the support of her mom, Mckenna is now setting her sights on teens. She wants to launch her idea to use MyIntent as an activity for birthday parties to get teens talking to each other on deeper topics and sharing about their lives. Mckenna sees it as a great way “to get them off their phones, more into the world, and talking to each other instead of just talking about themselves."

“It’s helped us foster that connection with each other… As a mother and daughter we’re able to have deeper level conversations.”

Amy also appreciates the value of MyIntent. “The product is something Kylie is putting thought into and it means something to people. It’s been fun watching her grow through that.” Using the Maker kit has led to precious mother-daughter time together. Kylie agrees, “It has been really fun, and it has brought us closer.”

For Kylie, she's focused on investing in her future, creating a college fund, as well as being able to go to camps during the summer.

Learning lessons are valuable, but the mother-daughter time together is priceless. Nichole captures this sentiment perfectly. “I’m present when she stamps. I carve out that time because we’re never going to get this time back.”

We’re proud that a MyIntent kit can help give the gift of togetherness.

How can a MyIntent Maker kit add to your relationship with a loved one?