If you're looking for a new way to wear your WORD or incorporate it into your daily life, here is subtle way to accessorize with intention.


Glue your tokens to butterfly clutch pins and add your WORD to hats, lanyards, or clothes.

*See Supplies list at the end of this page for links to recommended supplies*


Whether back on campus or heading into the office again, this is a creative way to stay focused on your professional goals.  


Stamp your WORD onto a blank token and glue them to the front of retractable lanyards or to butterfly clutch pins.

You can also clip them onto keychains for lanyards that can be worn around your neck with keys or I.D. cards.


It's all in the details, right? Bring positivity into your study space or home office by adding WORDs of intention that you can see every day.


Glue tokens onto flat magnets to use on your refrigerator, dry-erase boards, or lockers.


Meditation and journaling go hand-in-hand. Having one WORD to focus on can help direct your thoughts to your purpose


Stamp a WORD or phrase that will become your focus while journaling. Tie it to the page marker or glue it to a bookmark.


Serving as inspiration on your adventure days, add a little extra motivation during races, games, casual strolls, or hikes.

They can even be used as inspiration for cross-country and track teams! String a token on your shoelaces for a daily reminder to walk with purpose and confidence toward your goals.


Stamp your inspirational WORD onto a blank token and string them through the laces of your favorite shoes.

Pro Tip: String the token in the middle or toward the toe so that it remains tight and flat against the laces.


Vision boards are important tools that help to facilitate the visual manifestation of goals and dreams. Add an even deeper focus to your vision by incorporating WORDs of intention to your board. 


Think of WORDs that will help you to visualize your goals.  After you stamp your WORDs onto the MyIntent tokens, use glue to adhere them to flat magnets, pins, or push pins.

Now it's time to start your vision board!

Recycle old catalogs by cutting out pictures and words that resonate with what you
want. Find pictures of places you want to travel to, a pretty house that you hope to own, a sports car that you want to buy, or a pet that you want to have.
Do you want to find lasting love?
Cut out images or WORDs that resemble the perfect relationship in your eyes.

Once you've found a layout that you like, use the MyIntent tokens that you’ve glued to pins/magnets to secure your pictures to the board.


Whether you're on your way to run errands, go on an adventure, or power through a workout, this is a great way to tie your hair back and own the moment with intention!


Think of the WORD that motivates you to keep moving.

Wrap a hair tie on either side of the token to create a "ponytail holder," or attach it to a ribbon and tie it into your hair.


During quarantine, many of us spent a lot of quality time with our pets. They made us smile, eased our anxiety, and gave us unconditional love during uncertain times.What WORD best describes how your pet has helped you or made you feel?


Stamp a WORD that reflects the positive emotions that your furry friend brings you.

Add the token to the keychain on their collar. 


Visualize, focus, and manifest your goals and passions. Add intention to your meditation practice with this physical reminder:


Stamp WORDs that bring you peace and help you to feel relaxed during your mediation time.

Find your favorite candles and tie twine rope around their center.
Use a sturdy glue to attach the token to the twine rope.

After the glue has dried, set your candles up in your designated meditation spot and focus on your chosen WORDs to help ground and calm your mind. 


Save your best memories! Create a scrapbook of photos and add tokens to each page that remind you of your intentions during a specific time in your life.This is a great way to look back on your growth or gift to those who made your experience memorable.


Think of WORDs that reflect the photos and memories that you are adding to your scrapbook.

For example, if you went on a trip, what WORD matches that memory? Did you step outside of your comfort zone and EXPLORE? Did you live FEARLESSLY? 

With every memory that you paste into your scrapbook, think of the emotions you felt while it was happening. This way, you'll be creating a meaningful reminder of how you felt and what you accomplished.

Stamp your WORDs onto tokens and use a sturdy glue to adhere them to your scrapbook pages. Get creative with the layout and have fun with it!