virtual galentines

February, the month of love, and what better way than to celebrate with your best friends?!

We love to celebrate love in all forms, whether it's with your partner, your family, and especially your best friends! Over the last year, we've gotten used to virtual meetings, hangouts, happy hours, etc. so we wanted take the virtual party and kick it up a notch!

This is our guide to hosting the best virtual Galentine's party for you and your besties!  


The best part about getting together with your best friends for this occasions is the ability to do fun activities, drink your beverages, and gab about life. If you live in the same town as your group of friends, we recommend putting together a little box of activities so that you can all create the same experience on the video call. Being in the same town means that you can do a quick porch drop off! If you don't live in the same town as your friends, that's ok! You can send everyone a list of things to gather for the party!

Here are some fun items we put in our Goody Box: 
- 1 deck of MyIntent Question Cards
- A heart-felt card sharing how much this person means to you and how you value your friendship
- A small snack to go with your mini wine or cocktail
- A small bottle of wine or mini cocktails 
- An activity you like to do as a group. This could be a craft, favorite movie, or even face masks and a mini bottle of nail polish to do together. 


The most important thing to know is when you'll host your night! You can definitely create a group text message, if you aren't already connected, or get a little fancy with an e-vite for your guests

If you want to create a mindful connection time, be sure to ask your friends What's Your WORD? You can send them the WORD Finder Quiz for a bit of inspiration, or send them these questions to help find their WORD. This will create a beautiful conversation the night of. 

If you are a Maker, if your gals send you their WORD beforehand, you can create their bracelet, and attach it to the card in their Good Box. Here is our guide on how you can attach your bracelet to your Valentine's Day card!

Another idea is to have everyone find a WORD for each person. This can be a great way to start the night sharing what you love and admire about each other. 


Your Galentine's celebration is here! On the night of your virtual get-together, be sure to have everything ready so you can just enjoy yourself. We like to start off with a toast and to kickoff the conversation with our question cards! Each person can pull on card, and they will be the first to kick off the answers. Each person then takes turns going around and sharing their answers. This is a fun way to get to know pieces of your group that you may not have known about! 

After some laughter and stories, you can continue with the rest of your Galentine's night with the other activities in your Goody Box. 

At the end of the night, ask everyone if they had a WORD come up for them then go around sharing what each person's WORD is. This is beautiful way to end Galentine's Day with with a bit more love and friendship. 


You can a small token of love and create a reminder of each person's WORD on a bracelet with our Maker Kit or place a Group Order! This is a great way to remember your Galentine's Day!