FAITH, through all of the challenges that we may face, let us have faith that we are strong, capable, creative, and resilient enough to grow through these challenges. With this intention, Soulfire Yoga Collective was able to create an even closer community with their students! Led by Kat and B, owners of Soulfire Collective Yoga, read how intentions created beautiful moments in their yoga studio and their community!

In their own WORDs:  

“For the past several years, we've personally chosen one word to guide our year, we've found it more powerful than setting resolutions. In 2020 our word was FAITH. Towards the beginning of the year, one of our dear friends surprised us with a MyIntent bracelet that they custom made for us with our WORD. Throughout the year we never took our bracelets off and they became the most perfect reminder to embody our WORD even during the toughest times."

And 2020 was a year really put FAITH to the test. They shared how the pandemic shaped their year, "Covid-19 has impacted every corner of our business. It's set us back in some ways, and in other ways, created incredible space for growth, exploration, and innovation. In March we, like most of the world, closed our business. It wasn't until June when we were able to re-open our studio doors. In that time, we took a deep breath, and swiftly launched a digital studio and a wide range of outdoor classes (including a series at a local concert venue), so we could continue to remain connected to our community. Our digital studio is still an active part of our business even though we are able to be back in-studio for classes."

Every New Year's Day we lead an intention-based flow for our students. We encourage them to also choose a WORD to guide their year. We thought what better way to end class than surprising them with the ability to stamp their WORD on a bracelet.”

Kat and B shared one of their favorite moments through all of this, “One of our favorite moments was walking through our space, and watching students connect with one another through the process of stamping their bracelets. Sharing their words. Supporting one another. Laughing. True human connection facilitated by the act of stamping a bracelet. Now, as we look around each class, our hearts are filled with joy, seeing students continue to wear their bracelets with pride."

After a year of keeping their FAITH, what does 2021 have in store for Soulfire Yoga Collective?

“This year we chose the word STAND. Last year FAITH served us well, and we realized this was a year of action.  

We believe so much in the power of intention, in choosing one WORD to support you in being the best version of yourself With the Maker we're able to share that gift with others.

We plan to use our MyIntent Maker for our next Yoga Teacher Training group who will start their training with us in February. Our first night together, each trainee will have the opportunity to choose a word that will best support them on their transformative journey to yoga teacher.

We also lead several goals workshops throughout the year and plan to use our MyIntent Maker to further elevate the experience.”

Kat and B’s Pro-Maker Tip: Trust the first word that comes to you, don't overthink it. Your word only has to make sense to YOU