Thanksgiving Maker Tips!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we’re so excited for you to experience the amazing conversations that will happen by asking your loved ones “What’s Your WORD?” 
To help you prep for creating and helping others find their WORD with your new Maker Kit, we wanted to share with you a few tips!
Your Maker Kit has 5 practice tokens for you to try stamping on! Before you start, find a very solid, stable surface. The surface you stamp on makes a huge difference in how deep each letter will come out. We recommend stamping on top of a brick or cutting board if you have one handy. Otherwise stamping on a solid table directly over the leg works great as well. If you're feeling crafty you can even build your own stamping post
Don’t be afraid to put some strength into it and hit each letter a couple times! Take a deep breath, focus, and stamp their WORD with intention! More stamping tips and tricks here
Each WORD is unique with a powerful story behind it. Each piece that you stamp will have all the beautiful imperfections of a hand-crafted item. It's those slight imperfections that make it special, therefore focus your energy on the conversations and don't stress if a letter is slightly crooked. 
To get everyone excited about finding their WORD, share this brief video of MyIntent on NBC's Today Show! This video shares some background on the power of finding one's WORD.
Invite reflection at your holiday dinner by placing a Question Card face down next to each table setting. Then ask each guest to flip their card and read aloud their question. Sit back and let the meaningful conversations flow!
 In all of the excitement of the festivities and conversations, here is a guide our Founder personally created for you to help others find Their WORD!


Ready for deep, meaningful connections with your loved ones? Check out our Maker Kit!