Symbolic WORDs

Be symbolic.

Another way to find your "WORD" is to focus on something that represents what you want or a feeling that you’re seeking.

Maybe you want more adventure in your life but ADVENTURE doesn’t resonate or you want more LOVE but you’re looking for a different way to articulate that feeling. If you’re nodding along, then this blog is for you!

In this blog, you'll find examples of:
Song Names
Bible Verses


Where have you found peace?

Think about a place that you explored and loved - such as a city, town, or country. That location can be the WORD that reflects your intentions to be more adventurous, reminds you of a place where you felt your best, or even represents your roots or heritage.

"SEVILLA represents the dream for my wife and me - where we found peace. Sevilla is a seductive city in Southern Spain, home of flamenco dancing and beautiful ancient plazas. We were blessed to backpack through Europe and we absolutely fell in love with Sevilla - the carefree vibe with sidewalk cafes, people rollerblading in the park, wine and tapas for every meal. What's not to love?

A dream of ours is to be able to work from anywhere, hopping between cities while we explore new cultures. We wanted to pick a word that represented our dream, and once we came up with SEVILLA, it's amazing how much clarity we've since gotten on the path forward. Everyday that we put on our SEVILLA bracelets, it reminds us to make progress towards our dream. SEVILLA has become a rallying cry for us as we take intentional steps everyday to make our dream a reality."

These are the coordinates of the Pulau Tengah Refugee camp off the coast of Malaysia where thousands of Vietnamese "boat people" escaped to while fleeing the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. The escaping families left their homes, belongings, and everything they knew for an uncertain future - not knowing where their next meal would come from let alone, where their next home would be.

These coordinate bracelets were gifted at a wedding as a thank you to the bride's family for their sacrifices and to celebrate how far the family has come, from war-torn refugees to a family unit of 100+ strong thriving courageously in the US.

In her words: "These coordinates embody a lifetime of SACRIFICE, the WILL to survive, and the COURAGE to thrive. Through us runs an invisible thread stamped with each obstacle, each triumph, each step of our journey, tying us inextricably and landing us here, together. To our grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles, THANK YOU. Here's to soaking up the love, laughter, and very full bellies this day and for many days to come."

What place is symbolic for you?


Another fun way to personalize your WORD is to change the language. The word LOVE might become even more meaningful in a language that you speak, are learning, or have grown up listening to.

What WORD speaks to you?


Song names can also have a powerful meaning. What is the song that boosts your confidence? What song do you play in the car on your way to work or at home while you dance around the kitchen? What is the tune that will put you in a good mood no matter what?

Choosing just a word or phrase from the song, the chorus, or the title will bring that song to life in your mind any time you need it.

What do you sing at the top of your lungs?


Bible verses are a common way for many people to capture a worry, fear, or obstacle that they are wanting to work on. Stressed? Unsure? There’s a verse for that!  

What verse brings you peace?


You might have a favorite saying or quote that has become your personal mantra. Keeping the 14-character limit in mind, what are the “stand-out” words in your favorite quote?

Seeing just a few of the words from a phrase you know by heart becomes a symbol of the entire quote. 

What inspires you?


If there isn’t one specific WORD or phrase that stands out in your favorite saying or the entire quote is too long - consider turning it into an acronym! Your intention is solely for you - as long as you know what it stands for and it resonates with you, then abbreviate!

What is your saying? 

Zodiac Signs

It's not our typical way to set intentions, but let's see what WORD is written in the stars for you! ✨