Ripple Effect of BELIEVE

Living your WORD helps you connect with those that share your journey and can cause an even greater ripple effect than we realize. Starting with the word BELIEVE for himself, Maker Christopher C. has gifted that belief to those around him and even further. Read how he came to sharing his passion with those around him and even rippling out to an orphanage in Mexico!

Through our challenges, we grow, and Christopher shares his Maker journey starting with his word BELIEVE, “I was personally going through a tough time in my life and was looking for something that I can wear as a reminder to BELIEVE and not give upAs I looked more into the mission of MyIntent, I grew to have a personal connection with it. I have always been one to give back and help others, and MyIntent aligned with just that. It naturally pushed me into becoming a MyIntent Maker - to give a purpose in people's lives and helping those believe in their intention.”

With this purpose in his heart, Christopher was able to connect it with a cause that is close to him, the nonprofit Surround Sound Love. Surround Sound Love provides hope and tools for the future to the orphaned children of Mexico and the Foster Children of California. He shares, “As a monthly supporter of the organization, I wanted to find a way to give hope to the children during this pandemic and gifting a bracelet with the saying CREO EN TI which means "I Believe in You" was felt perfect. When I reached out to our friend Te Te, I asked him which WORD that would mean the most to these children, and instantly he said CREO EN TI. Many, many, many, bracelets later and a journey down to Mexico the bracelets made it to the children.” 

Along with this amazing donation to the orphanage, Christopher has used his Maker Kit to grow closer with his coworkers, encouraging them to BELIEVE as well. He shares, “My belief in helping others mixed with the pandemic was a great way to bring the team together and get personal. A story that stuck out to me was one from an older gal, who was afraid to get out of her comfort zone. In this specific team building event, I [shared my own story] of "You never know until you try." I was always the one who envied others and the great things they were able to do and accomplish for years. One day I said to myself, "You never know until you try," and my life changed for the better after that. This older gal heard my story and feared that she would not live her life doing the things she always wanted to try. We came down to her word TAKE RISKS. Over the last 6 months, [she] has been able to accomplish 1 thing every month that she has been wanting to try.

"I wanted to find a way to give hope to the children during this pandemic and gifting a bracelet with the saying CREO EN TI which means "I Believe in You" was felt perfect."

“These connections and stories are my favorite part of being a Maker. To know that the moments leading up to stamping their WORD can change their life is powerful. Stamping is an opportunity to connect. Each stamp is unique and can never be replicated. This is who we are as human beings. Unique to our own can never be replicated. When I stamp, I walk through the journey with the other person when they are searching for their WORD. There is no pressure, no time, no wrong answer, except the story to be told.” 

With this commitment to connection and a passion to help those around him, what WORD best supports Christopher on his journey now? “My word is DON’T GIVE UP. Being 30, I have set my mind on a new set of goals than what I had in my 20s. Goals of being selfless and giving to others while finding a fine balance of being selfish. Personally, when I get excited about something, I go from 0 - 100 and can over-commit myself, giving up on projects that I started. DON’T GIVE UP helps me as a reminder to not give up on what I started. While times will be tough, it is taking a moment to breathe and take things one at a time.”

Christopher’s Maker Pro-Tip: No specific tips and tricks, but I discovered to not be afraid. Bring it back to when we were kids when genuine friendships and connections were made face to face and by simply asking questions to each other.