“I opened an aerial dance studio in August 2020, in the middle of a pandemic,” shares Maker Aileen. There are times when life creates a few unexpected twists and turns and hands us lemons. Empowered Aerial Fitness studio owner Aileen C. created lemonade and a tight knit community led with mindfulness, gratitude, and joy. Read about how she used her Maker Kit to help support her students and community!

In her own WORDs: 

“I began the process of opening the studio in August of 2019, I signed the lease on March 10, 2020, and everything around us started shutting down on March 14. By the time we were ready to open on August 31, everyone was both well versed in the impacts and protocols for Covid-19, as well as extremely pandemic-fatigued. Aerial arts studios are usually very much about their community, and a huge portion of our community was ready & waiting to come back. People who come to the studio can see that we take safety and cleanliness very seriously, and they are protective of their happy place! For many of them, this may be one of if not the only place they get to come to and be around other friendly, supportive people engaged in a social, healthy activity. Really, all I can say is it is magic.

To help re-introduce the studio to the community, Aileen shares, “I just thought the MyIntent Project was the perfect way to honor and inspire my students with a wearable reminder of their goals and accomplishments! Aerial dance requires a hefty amount of courage to try for the first time, and most students have to overcome fears and insecurities about their bodies, their strength, their grace, their abilities, and usually, heights and being upside down!”

EMPOWERED by their happy place, Aileen shares how the students have been enjoying creating their own WORDs, “The students are LOVING making their bracelets and showing them off. It just goes so perfectly with my studio, which is the happiest thing I ever did (outside of my kids), and helping people really focus on what brings them joy, health, motivation, and confidence. One student chose the words SHOW UP. It is great to have big or even small, specific goals. But no matter what, they all begin with showing up! So, if you just remember to SHOW UP, you have already honored yourself."

With this EMPOWERED community’s support, each student can SHOW UP everyday to live the life they want!