Giveaway: Bloom x MyIntent!

We are so excited to partner with Bloom Planners for a Back to School Intention Giveaway. With the school year starting soon, we thought this giveaway would be an awesome way to start the year. Here are the WORDs chosen by our friends at Bloom for a little inspiration on the upcoming school year: 
In their own WORDs:
In our company wide HUDDLE meeting, we got the chance to do an awesome team bonding exercise with our new MyIntent products! As we handed out the bracelets and necklaces, each of our team members took a few minutes to share what WORDs they picked, why they choose it, and what their WORD means to them. As a company, we are pretty comfortable and open with each other already, but this exercise definitely helped us get even more vulnerable and giving the opportunity for more connection.
This is a pretty obscure choice, but that makes me like it even more! I recently saw a youtube video that really stuck with me. The video starts with a depiction of 28,835 jelly beans, with each bean representing one day in the average human life. This seems like SO many jelly beans, but then they start removing jelly beans for all the time you spend sleeping, in traffic, in meetings, doing chores, etc. By the end of the video, you only have a small fraction of your original beans left. This was a really powerful visual for me. I want to be reminded to ”spend” my remaining beans wisely. I don't want to waste my time worrying, being angry, living in the past, etc. I also want to ”protect my yeses” and be more careful about what I commit my time to. Every ”yes” in an opportunity cost to another, so I'm trying to be more selective with my time in a world where there are just SO many ways to spend it. To me, "protect your beans" means simplify, focus on what's truly important, and make room for the good stuff. I hope strangers see my bracelet and are a little confused! I'd like to use it as a conversation starter, and hopefully inspire others to better protect their precious jellybeans, too! - Michelle
The bloom team kicks off every year with a reflections and resolutions meeting. At the start of 2018 I shared one of my goals to “Be The Light”. To me that means radiating positivity and gratitude in all walks of life. Exuding good energy and lighting up a room. Waking up each morning with a grateful heart and expressing that intense gratitude and joy for the little things in life. I want to always be a strong, supportive person for those in my life and have a solid foundation like a “lighthouse”. No matter how rocky the storm my loved ones will know I am always there for them. At bloom our focus is to inspire, uplift and motivate our community. I think “being the light” also speaks to that. I love my new necklace and wear it proudly! - Kaylyn
I love the quote "Be Where Your Feet Are". I remember the first time I read this quote (actually in my bloom Vision Planner) I was taken back a little and spent a few minutes on what that quote means to me. Being present, to me, means: getting out of my head, engaging with the people around me, focusing on what is in front of me, doing what is required of me in each and every moment, giving the best of myself to all of my interactions, being the best person I can be to those around me, and doing what I need to do in each moment of every day! - Lauren
This is a quote from Portlandia, a show that Jon and I watch over and over and still die laughing each time. In a particular episode, a husband and wife are rafting and make up a phrase, "ayo river," to yell in case they get separated on their journey. It doesn't have a meaning to them, but it does have a function. The reason I chose this phrase is to serve as a reminder to laugh when you get lost and when the water gets rough, to remember what matters the most. To me, that is Jon! - Mackenzie
Whether it's going somewhere to spark some inspiration, what I call going on an "Artist Date", or trying out new creative techniques I need to remember to take the time to just relax and do something creative. I belong to an Artist Penpal group online and used to swap art with other artists all over the country and I haven't been keeping up with it. Hopefully this will be the subtle reminder I need to take the time to just create! - Jenn
I read a quote by Wayne Dyer that said, “When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.” As someone with an admittedly headstrong personality, I have a habit of always wanting to be right. My stubbornness has caused me to waste time and energy defending opinions and “winning” arguments that weren’t ultimately important. Becoming the best version of myself means letting go of the need to be right and choosing instead to be a more loving, mindful, and kind person. - Jen
I chose the word FREE because sometimes it is hard to break free of things – ideas, trials, vices, hurts. Hard to feel like hard times will ever get better, ever end.
And so every day we must choose to rid ourselves of all that does not serve us. Whatever holds us back. We are all captive to something at one point or another, but it does not have to be always.
I have an open mind, a peaceful spirit. I am forgiving and grateful. I’m free. - Katy
I chose MANIFEST because I believe that you can manifest the reality that you want in life. You choose what happens in your life, you choose your reactions, and ultimately, you can influence the outcomes if you are really connected. - Nick
Breathing is something that everyone does but few actually think about. My yoga instructor always tells me that if my mind starts to wonder to the stresses of life during my practice, to bring my attention to my breath instead. When I focus on my breath, it helps me to slow down. In a world that is so fast paced, bringing my mind back to my breath helps me to slow down and take in the here and now. My mind can be running in a thousand different directions at once and it can seem like the world is crumbling around me, but refocusing on my breath helps me to relax and realize that things aren't as bad as my mind makes them up to be. Breathing is a symbol of life, and redirecting my attention to my breath helps remind me of that blessing. Just breathe, everything will be alright. - Hannah
I love that we were able to do this exercise together as a company. I believe that vulnerability connects people and lets people see a little bit deeper into your life. We are so grateful to have these wonderful reminders with us everyday!
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