Family Bonding with MyIntent

Tammy N. is an active MyIntent Maker who teamed up with her daughter, Olivia, to volunteer with The Invincible Foundation during one of their summer camps in Ohio! They created MyIntent bracelets for these girls going into a new school year. Tammy was able to use her MyIntent Maker Kit with her daughter as a bonding activity to cultivate an even deeper relationship! We asked Tammy about her experience of using the Maker Kit with her daughter as a tool to open meaningful conversations while doing an activity they both love! Read more to hear Tammy’s experience.
In her own WORDs:
My daughter and I had the most amazing day! We had the opportunity to work with the girls served by The Invincible Foundation during their "Camp Rise". On their last day of camp, we made each of the girls a MyIntent bracelet highlighting an inspiring word they had each selected during the week. A handful of campers even put ‘Invincible’ on their MyIntent bracelet!
   How have you used the Maker kit with your daughter?
We have used the Maker kit together several times. At a New Year’s Eve party for her dance team we helped each of the dancers think about their intentions for the upcoming year. At a family reunion this summer we made them for family and friends. Most recently, we volunteered at The Invincible Foundation’s Camp Rise which was all about goal setting, confidence building, self-love, and learning about how one can share their talents with the community. We were able to make each girl a bracelet with their own word to keep the inspiring and empowering concepts they learned top of mind, long after the last day of camp.
   Why is the MyIntent Maker Kit a great parent/child activity?
The MyIntent Maker Kit is a great parent/child activity because it’s an easy way for my daughter and I to have meaningful conversations about things that really matter – things we care about, things we want to focus on, our goals and our dreams. Conversations like that, especially with teenagers, don’t always come easily so that is really something special about the MyIntent Maker Kit.
   How have you seen your daughter grow through doing the Maker Kit activity together?
As a mom, I’m naturally serving in a nurturing, encouraging role to my kids, and through doing the Maker Kit activity with my teenage daughter, it’s been amazing to see her rise into that role. When we volunteered at The Invincible Foundation’s Camp Rise recently, it was so heartwarming to see how uplifting and inspiring she was with the girls. When she would talk with them about the words they chose, their faces would light up because she was so caring, genuine and encouraging.
   Would you recommend the MyIntent Maker Kit activity as an activity for parents and their children?  Why?
I would definitely recommend the MyIntent Maker Kit as a great activity for parents and their kids. It can open up meaningful conversations about the important things in life like becoming our best selves, finding happiness, and living with intention. And, if used in a volunteer setting, it can be extra-impactful as a way to spread positivity and empower others in the community.
Any other thoughts?
The MyIntent piece I wear most is one that says, “MOST.” It reminds me of my intent to focus on what I want MOST over what I want NOW. Life involves lots of trade-offs and I find I am most successful and most happy when I focus on what I want most, even if it means setting aside what I might want right at the moment.
Looking for a meaningful activity to do with your kids as the new school year starts? Check out our Maker Kit!