MyIntent at the Winter Olympics!

MyIntent Olympics


Olympians Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian from Jamaica bobsled rocking MyIntent in the Olympic village along with Heather Moyse and Melissa Lotholz from Canada bobsled.

We were honored when Team Jamaica reached out to see if we would be able to help them spread positivity at the Olympic games.  Our team quickly shipped 500 MyIntent pieces to PyeongChang to support Team Jamaica.
Check out Jazmine's inspiring Olympic story:
"There are no words to really describe what this journey has been for me... Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and more... 3 years ago I was told it would be impossible and I was stupid for taking on this idea, told I was unfit and complacent in my athletic position, told I was a traitor and would never compete competition not qualify for the Olympic Games... I knew I would struggle, I knew I would suffer, I knew it would be a constant uphill battle but what I envisioned at the end of the road meant too much for me not to press on! I knew that I had the ability to make it possible.

On Feb. 20th & 21st 2018 @_carrie_russell@mzaudra_segree @jambobsled and I stepped to the Alpensia Sliding Center start line making history as the first ever Women's Jamaican Winter Olympians. We knew we had the capabilities to do something special with our performance here and went out as always to try and win the race. Regardless of the drama, media politics, nah Sayers, even equipment malfunctions that caused significant haults to our final result we NEVER gave up, we NEVER waivered from the challenges, we adapted to situations and hurdled over constant road blocks.

As I rise this morning after the race and reflect, I am filled with such joy and pride. We did the unexpected and impossible by going after it and earning it out right every step of the way. All those days on food rations, sled malfunctions, injuries, running out of gas on the way to training, having a constant negative balance in our bank accounts, no coach, sleeping on floors in basements, living out of my suitcase for the last 5 years, borrowing an emence amounts of funds, etc. We did it. We are OLYMPIANS, amongst the best of the best in the world!

Thank you to every single person who has cheered for us, sacrificed with us, even those who said we couldn't and were/are against us. In some way or another you helped make this possible and for that I am thankful for... For the motivation, the encouragement, the mentorship, the sponsorship, the life lessons and the friendships. This is just a chapter ( a very long one) but the story is far from over."
Team Jamaica bobsled