We'd like to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for expressing LOVE through MyIntent. Your stories of love, friendship, strength, and compassion are at the very core of why we do what we do. And we’re grateful to be able to hear what moves you
"My husband knows how afraid of flying I am and he always tells me to think of it as “soaring like a bird.” This always makes me smile and feel a little better. Recently, I boarded a plane for a trip I had to take for work, and as I reached into my bag for my stress ball I like to grip during flights, I pulled out a small box with my name on it. Inside was a lovely little bracelet with the word “SOAR” with a little heart. The rest of my trip was easier because it was like having him by my side the whole time. I will never take it off.” - Sharesa F.
“..My best friend is going through a tough time. Before mentioning MyIntent, I asked her what is one WORD to describe you and what is a virtue you want to live by and remember. She thought about it and eventually told me "courage." Couldn't agree more. Now she has a bracelet to look at and remind her to stay courageous throughout any obstacles in life.” - Stella B.
“This was given to my Sister-In-Law. She is taking care of my brother who has been in a coma for almost 2 years. Her strength and undeniable love for my brother is immeasurable. My family is eternally grateful. She is am amazing mother, wife, friend and Sister-In-Law. When she received her bracelet in the mail, she immediately contacted me and I told her "Thank you for being you and that STRENGTH is only one word that describes her and how we feel about her.” - Kathy S.
“These bracelets are encouraging and comforting to those people I meet and know. One of our delivery men that I have never seen downcast, told me there wasn't enough time for me to hear his troubles. I offered my bracelet to him. He needed hope. I didn't have to know his story, I told him I'd pray for him. He tried getting the bracelet over his burly hand. I was happy it fit. That is the service MyIntent provides.” - M Cathy G.
We’d like to ask you to join us in the movement to celebrate love, kindness, and open-heartedness not just on Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, but YEAR ROUND. There are countless ways to express how much you care. Let us challenge ourselves to go the next 365 with showing an act of love, however small, each day. 

A collective campaign of LOVE that can move mountains. And will

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To leading with love and light,
The MyIntent Team