Maker Token Uses *HOLIDAY EDITION*

This holiday season, start new traditions!

Set intentions for the new year with family and friends and create memorable reminders together that you can share with each other.

Intentional Garland

Set aside time while you’re decorating for the holidays and create an intentional garland together! 

Have each member choose the WORD that they’d like to focus on for the new year. Stamp each WORD onto a token and string them together to create a strand of WORDs that you can hang on the tree or Christmas garland! You can even stamp a token with the year so that you can look back on your WORDs for each year

Tying Tips:
1. Using smaller pieces of string, tie a knot onto each token so that they will lay flat when you hang them.
2. Then, using those smaller pieces, knot them onto a long strand of string - leave enough room on either end to attach it to your Christmas tree or Christmas garland.

Meaningful Ornaments

Spending the day decorating together? Create ornaments with meaningful reminders of what’s important to you and your family. 

Choose WORDs that highlight your family’s values and stamp them onto tokens. Then, glue each token onto colorful ornaments and hang them on the tree together.

Family Intention Board

You might’ve created a vision board for your personal goals, but have you created one with your whole family? Using the same WORDs that you’ve chosen for your garland, create an intention board with your loved ones to highlight how your individual WORDs will help you work together to become a stronger unit in the new year.

Get a poster board, cut out pictures and words from magazines, draw, write, glue your tokens, and be creative! This is meant to show how your individual strengths will blend together and how your intentions will set a precedent for how you want to work together in the new year.

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