Interactive Gifting

Everyone knows the excitement of gathering around, and opening gifts around the tree. The rush of seeing the other person's reaction to a gift you thoughtfully selected and wrapped is incomparable. Here a couple whimsical and thoughtful ways to gift your loved ones Their WORDs for Christmas!

Idea 1: Selecting a Special WORD for Each Guest

This is the perfect opportunity to show what you love about each person. It's the time to share with them the spark that makes them shine! As you think of a WORD for each of your guests, reflect on these questions:

What WORD best describes him or her?
What inspirational message do you want to remind them of?
What are their hopes and dreams?
What cause do they fight for?

As you stamp bracelets for your loved ones, you can decorate the ornaments on your tree with the finished bracelets!

The Reveal 
1. Have your guests take turns and pick a bracelet off the tree.
2. Ask your guests who they think the WORD belongs to and why.
3. You share who you intended the WORD to belong to and why.

Idea 2:  Holiday Mystery Gift

Sometimes there are just too many WORDs that would fit each person! Stamp different WORDs on bracelets for the number of guests coming to your home. For inspiration, here's our list of most popular WORDs!

As you stamp bracelets for your loved ones, you can keep all the bracelets in a bag or Santa hat for the big reveal.

The Reveal
1. Pass around the bag of bracelets and have each person pull a random bracelet from the bag.
2. Have your guests reflect on the WORD they pulled for a quiet minute.
3. Ask your guests to share why this WORD is perfect for them!

- Share with your guests the mission of MyIntent, your journey, and the SURPRISE - that you stamped WORDs for everyone! Feel free to show this Today Show feature about MyIntent to give your guest background and context so they get even more excited for this special gift.

- Place your question cards as decorations around your tree or centerpiece of your dinner table so that your guests can see and start a conversation!



Download and print our Meaningful Question board
Download our What’s Your WORD? logo to include in your holiday celebration invite!