Host Your Galentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate LOVE in every form. This can be a romantic love, self-love, familial love, and the friendships that have fared through all the ups and downs. From deep conversations about life, love, and career to keeping each other accountable to our promises, friendships are even more important to our health than we know! According to Yang Claire Yang, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina, friendships help our mental health as well as our physical health. So share some love with the ones closest to you! Here is our guide to hosting a loving, mindful Galentine's Day party with your Maker Kit!  

Host a Girls' Night In!

Mention in your invitations that it will be a night of bonding and invite your girlfriends to bring their favorite self-care activity to share with the group! This is the perfect opportunity for you to share that you will be making personalized MyIntent bracelets. This will get your guests excited and to start thinking of Their WORD! Feel free to include this Today Show feature about MyIntent so they have some background on the activity.  


When your friends arrive, share a few favorite self care practices and do them together. It can be anything from taking a walk outside to watching your favorite movie, or doing some home face masks or cooking together! Have fun discussing all the ways to let off steam and relax in the company of your closest companions.  


Have fun bonding and learning even more about your friends by taking turns asking and answering questions from our deck of 33 meaningful questions cards! Their answers might surprise you! Here are a few different ways to play with our Question Cards!  

During Dinner

Keep the conversation going during dinner! Go around the table and invite your gals to share their WORD and why. Of course they can pass if they need more time to find their WORD.
Tip: Lead your guests through a brief exercise at the beginning of dinner where you invite them to close their eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and take them through our 3 prompt questions:

- What virtue do you want more of?

- What is a challenge you want to overcome?

- What are you passionate about and want to spend more time on? 

Seal the Night with WORDs from the Heart

Use your MyIntent Maker Kit and stamp Their WORD as a way of thanking them for their friendship, love, and for being part of a special night!


Download and print our Meaningful Question board

Download our What’s Your WORD? logo to include in your invite!

Download our stamping placemat

And don't forget to pick up a Maker Kit or refills in time for all your Girls' Night.