Beating Cancer and Giving Hope

Sara is a breast cancer survivor, and now she's inspiring others by giving hope. 

After Sara finished her treatment, her stepmother-in-law gave her a bracelet with the word HEALTH. Sara wears it daily. In her words, “It became a part of me.” It gives that extra bit of support and encouragement. After seeing how much it helped her, Sara knew others would benefit.

Sara bought a MyIntent Maker Kit and became a Maker. She started out making HEALTH bracelets for a couple other cancer survivors “so they could feel strong and healthy.”  Then she got asked to make bracelets for newly diagnosed friends of friends. Sara was happy to give these messages of hope, bravery, and support.

Empowered by her Maker kit, Sara saw the potential to touch even more people. Rays of Hope is a breast cancer charity in her town. Along with another survivor, Sara formed a team to raise money for them. And she knew just the perfect way to raise money. Sara made over 200 bracelets stamped words like BALANCE, STRENGTH, LOVE, and HOPE.

“We reached out to over 200 people within our small little community with these bracelets and these intentions. We put them out in the universe for all to enjoy. And we raised over $2,000 for our local charity doing that.” 

Sara didn’t envision the potential at the beginning. “I ordered the Maker Kit on a whim not knowing what I was going to do with it.” The way she’s been able to touch others through this has been the greatest gift of all.

“This is such an amazing—you can call it a program or product—the whole purpose behind it is just amazing. I was so grateful to my stepmother-in-law to introduce me to this without even realizing where it could take me.”

When life is hard, sometimes an unexpected source of strength and hope comes into our lives. These moments that fortify your strength are also the moments that gift others that source of hope and health. How can you forward your cause or gift your strength to others? Check out our Maker Kit to gift your strength to your community!