14 Days of Self-Love pt. 2 | Let Go

How have the last few days of observation been for you? Have you noticed anything new? Have you noticed the frequency of your thoughts?
Now that we are making great strides in observing our thoughts and feelings, we can start to move through them and into a positive space. This next section may be one of the hardest of the journey - LETTING GO. With all of the negative thoughts towards ourselves through the years, we’ve worn our self-judgment as an armor up until now - not asking for a promotion because we say to ourselves, “We’re not good enough.” It protects us from going out too far out of our comfort zone and getting hurt.
For many of us, we often find ourselves retreating back into our safe zone, finding ways to hold on to the negativity as a belief we have about our limitations. Psychology Today sums up, “Some people have trouble letting go of their pain or other unpleasant emotions about their past because they think those feelings are part of their identity. In some ways, they may not know who they are without their pain.” That’s what makes this section difficult because there is no trick to letting go. That decision is all up to you, and once you’ve decided to let go of what doesn’t create positivity in your life, we have some methods that may help with the process of letting go.
The next few days will be focused on letting go and taking off the armor that has been “protecting” you all these years because as Anais Nin writes, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” We get to let go of those negative thoughts. Let go of the guilt and shame because the person you were when those things happened is not the person you are in this moment. Each moment is a new opportunity to make a new choice - a choice that strengthens our fortitude, our love, and our integrity. We are letting it go because we are filled with these thoughts and habits, and we need to make space to grow into who we are now.


Day 5

Activity - 5 minutes of stillness

Journal prompt - What is one thought you have about yourself that you can let go of?

Day 6

Activity - Let go of 1 item that no longer gives you joy.

Journal prompt - What is one thing that you own that brings up negative thoughts? How does that feel to let go of the item?

Day 7

Activity - After you write the letter, shred it!
Journal Prompt - Write a letter of forgiveness. This can to someone in your life, someone from the past, or yourself. 

Join us for our next installment: Pt. 3 KINDNESS and our next few days for journal prompts and activities!